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NHOH HM Manual Ch 14

NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch 14: Physical Examinations

What two agencies have established uniform physical standards for entry into military service? DoD and DON
After a physical exam has been performed and documented by an IDC, who is required to countersign the exam? Accredited General Medical Officer
Where is the original documentation from a completed physical examination permanently filed? Health Record
According to SECNAVINST 6120.3 series a Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) shall be conducted ____ on each service member. Annually
A member separating after serving 30 or less consecutive days on active duty, being found unfit for continued service, which of following may be appropriate? Notice of Eligibility
Who is given the authority to perform special duty examinations? 1. Licensed General Medical Officer 2. DoD Civilians
In accordance with BUMEDINST 1300.2 series, after receipt of orders an overseas/operation suitability screening must be completed within how many days? 30
Which of the following publications contains further guidance on the Medical Surveillance Program? OPNAVINST 5100.23
Who is responsible for reviewing the Abbreviated Medical Board Report for accuracy in content and processing time? LIMDU Coordinator
What medical forms are used as documentation of a routine physical examination? DD 2808 and DD 2807
What form is used in the submission of a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB)? NAVMED 6100/5
Patients should be instructed to not bring what when they return for a visual acuity examination? Bring in contact lenses
What is the preferred method for the testing of distant visual acuity? Snellen Chart
The Armed Forces Vision Tester, is used to for which type of vision test? 1. Distant 2. Near
What is the preferred method when testing color discrimination of an active duty service member? FALANT
True or False: Personnel who have received a color vision discrimination test on PIP must be retested as soon as a FALANT is available. True
True or False: Audiometric testing may be performed by any uncertified healthcare provider (i.e. Hospital Corpsman, Nurse) that is available to perform the test False
How many leads are used in a 12-lead EKG? 12
Along what plane do the precordial leads record the heart’s electrical conduction? Horizontal
Along what intercostals space are leads V4, V5, and V6 placed? 5th
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