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NHOH HM Manual Ch 24

NAVEDTRA 14295B HM Manual Ch 24: Emergency TX for Oral Diseases and Injuries

The HM may provide temporary emergency dental treatment under which conditions? 1. To combat infection 2. To provide relief from pain 3. To prevent further damage to oral structures
If a patient reports to the dental clinic after hours with a toothache, which of the following steps should the duty HM first take? Notify the duty dental officer
An example that best describes a symptom...? The patient informs the HM of a toothache
An example that best describes a sign? HM observes a large hole in a patient’s tooth
When pain from an affected tooth manifests to a healthy, non-involved tooth, what is the condition called? Referred pain
Which of the following conditions exists if a patient is experiencing pain caused by the pressure of fluid building up inside the pulp chamber? Periapical abscess
Which condition exists when swelling is confined to a small area at the site of a sinus tract? Gumboil
When performing an emergency treatment for a periapical abscess, what instrument will be used to drain the abscess? Explorer
A patient with a periapical abscess may complain of what symptoms? The tooth “feels longer” than the others
What type of inflammation is present in marginal gingivitis? Mild
Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (NUG) is commonly referred to by what term? Trenchmouth
What colored membrane will be covering the gingiva if a patient has NUG? Reddish-white
Periodontitis usually results from what untreated condition? Marginal gingivitis
What conditions exist if a patient complains that their gums are “itching”? Periodontitis
What is the correct emergency treatment for a periodontal abscess? Gently probe the affected area with a scaler to establish drainage
Which of the following solutions should be used to irrigate the tissue flap if a patient has pericoronitis? Warm saline solution
What are the two common types of stomatitis found in the oral mucosa? Herpetic and aphthous stomatitis
Bleeding from an extraction site is referred to by which of the following terms? Postextraction hemorrhage
Postextraction alveolar osteitis is a condition commonly referred to by what term? Dry Socket
To treat post extraction alveolar osteitis, what type of dental material is placed in a tooth socket? Iodoform gauze with eugenol
Tooth fractures are classified into how many different types? 4
Fractured teeth can involve which of the following areas of a tooth? Enamel, dentin, pulp, and root
Which of the following dental materials will be used to treat a Type I fracture? Cavity varnish
True or False: A Type II fracture involves an exposure of the pulp. False
HMs who provide emergency treatment of a fractured mandible will use which of the following materials? Elastic bandage
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