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NHOH HM Manual Ch 25

NAVEDTRA HM Manual Ch 25: Decedent Affairs

What Decedent Affairs Programs are not utilized to carry out standard responsibilities... Concurrent Death
Which program is initiated during major military operations? Graves Registration
What will NOT require submission of a Personnel Casualty Report? Prisoner of War
The PADD should be notified of a death during what hours of operation? 0500-2400
A CACO is normally assigned to assist the needs of family members for what period of time? 90 days
The Commanding Officer must write a letter of condolence to the appropriate NOK within what time frame? 48 hours
True or False: When an individual is involved in a motorcycle or automobile accident or under the care of a physician and death occurs, they must receive an autopsy. False
True or False: When an autopsy is desired but not required permission must be granted from the PADD. True
What type of message should be used to notify BUMED and Navy Mortuary Affairs of a disaster resulting in the death of naval members? Priority
When a search and recovery operation continues longer than 36 hours how often is a report submitted to BUMED? 24 hours
What determination is NOT made by Navy Mortuary Affairs? Unidentifiable
The Navy awards annual mortuary contracts to local funeral homes anticipating what minimum number of deaths per year? 3
What type of contract is utilized when there are no mortuary contracts in effect? One time contract
Dressing.... Primary Expenses
Uniform... Primary Expenses
Removal from place of death... Transportation Expenses
Grave plot... Secondary Expenses
Autopsy preparation.... Primary Expenses
Delivery of remains to cemetery.... Transportation Expenses
Prior to the transportation of remains they may be refrigerated below what degrees Fahrenheit? 40 degrees
Who may be able to provide mortuary services if death occurs in an area not served by Navy facilities? Department of State
What form must accompany the remains of a member to a CONUS point of entry from OCONUS? DD 2064
How many copies of the Statement of Recognition (DD 565) must accompany the remains? 2
What are the dimensions of the standard and oversized naval caskets? 25x81 and 23x78
True or False: When the mortician is unable to seize the odor of remains, they will not be accepted for burial at sea. True
Which of following is NOT an authorized method of primary transportation for remains? Train
True or False: Cremated remains may be shipped to a CONUS point of entry via commercial air. True
When transporting remains of death resulting from a communicable disease, there is a label placed on the transfer case that states ______ . Contagious
To be selected as an escort of remains you must meet all criteria EXCEPT? From the same city
The escort selected by the PADD is also known as ______ . Special escort
Who is ultimately responsible for assigning an inventory board for the personal effects of a deceased member? Commanding Officer
To whom, must an application requesting a commercial headstone be submitted? Veteran Affairs
When requesting funds for services of deceased military personnel other than Navy and Marine Corps, what form is used? MED 5360-3
Which of the following is not a classification for national cemeteries? Planned
True or False: Any Navy or Marine Corps member serving on active duty at the time of death may be buried in any open national cemetery including Arlington, Virginia (with requirements met). True
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