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NHOH HM Manual CH2

NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch 2: Expeditionary Medicine Administration

The following should be reported to the OOD for inclusion into the duty log. The following should be reported to the OOD for inclusion into the duty log. Service member with a broken leg
SAMS is an administrative management tool that tracks: 1. Sick Call Log 2. Potable Water Testing Results 3. Medical Training
What specific 3-M system regulates scheduled equipment maintenance? Planned Maintenance System
Which type of directive regulates policy? Permanent
Change transmittals should be filed with ________ on top? Most current change
True or False: The Department of the Navy Information Security Program gives direction on how to prepare naval correspondence. False
The 5000 series of correspondence relates to ________. General Administration and Management
What is the process called that is used to determine the correct subject group under which documents should be filed? Classifying
True or False: HMs should use their best judgment to dispose of questionable directives. False
Medical and dental personnel must be aware of planned operations so they can ____. 1. Plan for supplies 2. Plan for possible injuries 3. Plan for extended work hours
Which element of medical readiness is used to correct individual medical readiness deficiencies? Periodic Health Assessment
Personnel in these dental classifications go to the head of the line for treatment prior to deployment. Class 3 and 4
A patient in Class 2 dental status means? Return for evaluation in one year
The primary mission of the FMF medical battalion is to provide: Specialized surgery
FMF dental units maintain dental readiness during all of the following EXCEPT: Emergency Environments
Fleet Hospital mission and personnel requirements are set by _______________. Combatant Commander (COCOM)
True or False: Fleet hospitals are used in operations that are less than 60 days in duration. False
Who directs the actions of the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion when responding to a natural disaster, i.e. Hurricane Katrina? Cognizant Authority
A warfare qualification signifies _______. The HM is competent
A warfare qualification signifies _______. The HM is competent
A warfare qualification signifies _______. The HM is competent
A warfare qualification signifies _______. The HM is competent
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