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NHOH HM Manual CH 4

NAVEDTRA 14295B CH 4: Medical Records

Custody of health records is generally vested in the medical department. On ships without a medical department representative, an individual retains custody of the record until when? Never
When a member is hospitalized in a foreign nation and the ship departs port, the health record is? Retained on board
The health record jacket of PO3 Walter T. Door, 333-44-5555, would be what color? Blue
True or False: The health jackets of flag or general officers should be annotated to reflect their rank. True
True or False: When a HREC is opened on a service member, the member should be directed to read and sign the Privacy Act Statement inside the back cover of the HREC. True
Entries to the Chronological Record of Medical Care, SF 600, when not typewritten, should be made in which color(s) of ink? Black or blue-black
What is the preferred form on which to record admission to the hospital? SF 509, Medical Record-Progress Report
A health record is opened in what cases? 1. When a member returns to active duty from the retired list 2. When the original record has been lost 3. When first becoming a member of the naval service
A well known research group requests medical information to use as part of the basis of a study it is performing. What action, if any, should be taken prior to release? Commanding officer of the MTF should forward the request to BUMED for guidance
In what circumstances should the health record be verified? 1. Reporting to a new command 2. When transferring 3. Annually
Under what circumstances would a member’s health record NOT be closed? Transfers to a new duty station
On what document would a notation be made concerning a member’s status as a deserter? SF600
True or False: A member separated for disability should receive a copy of the HREC to present to the VA so that the member’s claim can be processed expeditiously. False
Which of the following FMP codes will be placed in the two diamonds preceding the SSN for an active duty member? 20
What phrases is written in the lower portion of the patient’s identification box for retired 0-7 and above personnel? “FLAG/GENERAL OFFICER”
What symbol and which color of felt-tip pen is used in the alert box if the patient has an allergy or sensitivity? “X” Black
What color felt-tip pens is used to mark the annual verification section on the right-hand side of the dental record jacket? Black
The form printed on the inside of the front jacket cover should be completed in what type of writing utensil? Pencil
Where is the DD 2005, Privacy Act Statement located in the NAVMED 6150/21-30? Front of center page (Part II)
Where is the Disclosure Accounting Record located in the NAVMED 6150/21-30? Back of center page (Part III)
Dental Heath Questionnaire...? NAVMED 6600/3
Routinely used for inpatient admission and filed in the IREC...? SF 509
Primary form for all outpatient care...? SF 600
Adult Preventive and Chronic Care Flow Sheet DD 2766
Eyewear Prescription DD 771
Consultation Sheet SF 513
A member's personal record of immunization PHS-731
Dental Exam Form EZ603
Dental Treatment Form EZ603A
Dental Exam Forms should be filed in which section of the NAVMED 6150/21-30? Back of center page (Part III)
Where is the Forensic Examination form located in the NAVMED 6150/21-30? Inside back cover (Part IV)
The most current Dental Treatment Form, EZ603A is filed in which section of the NAVMED 6150/21? Inside back cover (Part IV)
When using the terminal digit filing system, how many equal sections are the central files divided into? 100
All forms documenting patient care placed in the NAVMED 6150-21/30 will contain what patient information? 1. FMP and sponsor’s SSN 2. Name- last, first, middle initial 3. Sponsor’s branch of service and status
Which of the following NAVMED Forms is the Health Record Receipt? NAVMED 6150/7
Sequential bitewing radiographs should be filed in which section of the NAVMED 6150/21-30? Inside front cover (Part I)
What is the maximum time allowed for the retention of loose treatment forms? 1 year
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