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NHOH HM Manual CH 17

NAVEDTRA HM Manual CH 17: Radiology

What scientist first discovered X-Rays? Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen
What is the name of the tube that was discovered in 1895? Crooke’s tube
What is NOT a characteristic property of X-Rays? They travel at the speed of sound
The rule that applies to the principle of radiation safety is? ALARA
True or False: When taking radiographs, always drape the patient with a lead apron True
The time setting on the X-Ray machine is measured by using which of the following methods? Fractions of a second or milliamperes
What instruction is most important when ordering radiographs for female patients? Ask the patient if she is pregnant
The film badge should be placed behind the lead-lined barrier at least what number of feet from the tube head? 6
What is NOT a safety precaution for taking radiographs? Hold the film packet in the patient’s mouth during exposure if necessary
Which personnel are authorized to order and diagnostically interpret dental radiographs? Dental officers
How often should the surfaces in the dark room be disinfected? Daily
Who is NOT allowed to order radiographs? MO
Are not indications for a PA of the chest...? Rash and streaking
What organs will not be seen in a KUB radiograph? Liver
What spinal structures will be seen in the AP projection of the cervical spine? C1-T3
A patient presenting with chronic cervical spine pain should be ordered what type of radiograph? AP Cervical Spine
At approximately what angle should the ankle be when taking an oblique radiograph? 30
What should be shielded when you are taking an X-ray? Reproductive organs
The paralleling device consists of which of the following parts? An indicator rod
True or False: The bisecting angle technique is the preferred method and recommended for routine use when taking periapical radiographs. True
When taking radiographs, which of the following factors should you consider before using the bisecting-angle technique? 1. There are no paralleling devices available 2. The patient cannot close mouth on bite-block 3. The patient has a rubber dam in place
What landmark is used when exposing the maxillary bicuspid area? Beside the ala of the nose
True or False: The position of the patient’s mid-sagittal plane must be perpendicular to the floor when exposing a periapical radiograph using the bisecting-angle technique. True
True or False: The occlusal film packet contains two X-Ray films. False
What X-Ray machine settings should you use when exposing a maxillary occlusal radiograph on an adult? 10 mA, 90kVp, and 60 impulses
What vertical angulation setting should you use when exposing a maxillary anterior occlusal radiograph? +65 degrees
When exposing a maxillary posterior occlusal radiograph, you should use what vertical angulation setting? +65 degrees
When exposing a mandibular anterior occlusal radiograph, what vertical angulation should you use? -10 degrees
True or False: A safe light is the only safe source of illumination used in the darkroom when processing radiographs. True
When checking for light leaks in the darkroom, you should leave the penny on the X-Ray film for at least what number of minutes? Five
Which of the following methods is most commonly used to process dental radiographs in the Navy? Automatic processing
Which of the following procedures should be included in the daily maintenance of the X-Ray machine? Cleaning with a cloth moistened with water
You should wait what number of seconds between films before inserting another film into the automatic processor? 15
The developer and fixer solutions in the automatic processor should be changed at what minimum frequencies? Every 3 to 4 weeks
True or False: The processing solutions used in the automatic processor are the same as those used in the manual processing procedure. False
The cleaning of the roller transports and the solutions in the automatic processor are accomplished at what minimum intervals? Monthly
Which teeth can be identified radiographically by a large white region caused by the bone of the nasal septum? Maxillary incisors
True or False: When mounting radiographs, the raised dimple should be facing you. True
True or False: You should attempt to complete all X-Ray repairs yourself. False