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Fuels Vol. 4 Unit 4

Contingency Fuel Repair Operations

What is the RURK I used for? 632 To make temporary repairs to fuel pipelines and valve pits
What is the maximum tow speed for the RURK I trailer on paved surfaces? 632 5 45 mph
Team members cannot be in the work area without respiratory equipment if the LEL is above what percent? 632 1%
How many containers are on the RURK I trailer? 632 4
What are two methods of permanent pipe repair? 632 Welding and pipe replacement. Welding and pipe replacement.
What are the two units that comprise the CFRS? 633 Portable fuel transfer unit (PFTU) and the fuel scavenging unit (FSU)
The CFRS provides the fuel system maintainer with the means to do what? 633 To recover, pump and distribute fuel that will quickly allow continued POL support to refuel aircraft and vehicles
The FSU’s submersible pump is powered by what? 633 Fluid pressure generated by the hydraulic pump and diesel engine
What is the most serious hazard associated with the CFRS? 633 Fuel vapors and mists
When must you initiate fuel vapor removal operations? 633 When the LEL is above 1%
The ATHRS has how many R-14 modules? 634 3
How many bladders does each R-14 module have and what size are they? 634 Two; 50,000 gallon
What size mesh strainer is on the R-14C? 634 80 mesh
What does the filter/separator on the R-14C use to filter out suspended solid contaminants and water from the fuel? 634 Six API filter elements and two Teflon ® screen canisters.
What is one of the most important factors that must be kept in mind when locating a suitable site for R–14 operations? 634 It should be large enough to accomplish the mission, yet kept to a minimum in size
At what rate can the FFU–15E filter jet fuel? 635 600 gpm
How often are the filter elements changed in the FFU–15E? 635 When the differential pressure reaches 20 psid or every three years
What are the two positions of the float valve in the FFU–15E filter separator? 635 high and low
Why is the FFU-15E filled slowly during its initial filling? 635 To prevent the build-up and discharge of static charges as the fuel passes through the elements
What is the maximum capacity that the R–22 can rapidly and safely pump? 636 600 gpm
What type of pump is used on the R–22? 636 Self-priming and self-lubricating
What gpm rate is the R–22 capable of pumping when the throttle is set at 1,800 RPM? 636 400
The engine of the R-22 is designed to run on what type(s) of fuel? 636 diesel or jet fuel
What are the three different additives that the Hammonds TPI-4T-4 injector can supply at the same time? 637 Fuel system icing inhibitor (FSII), static dissipater additive (SDA), and corrosion inhibitor (CI)
What is the primary and secondary purpose of the PMU–27M? 638 To pump and deliver fuel at a reduced rate to support small-quantity fuel issue requirements and to support the servicing of small aircraft.
The PMU–27M is able to issue fuel from what kind of fuel containers? 638 From one 10,000-gal collapsible bladder, four 500-gal sealed drums, or four 55-gal steel drums
How many 500-gallon sealed drums does the WRSK contain? 638 4
What are the most commonly used sizes of collapsible, coated-fabric fuel tanks? 639 10,000 gallon, 50,000 gallon, and 210,000 gallon
What are the interior dimensions for a diked area for a 10,000-gal, collapsible, coated-fabric storage tank? 639 26 feet by 26 feet
What are the dimensions for a diked area for a 50,000-gal, collapsible, coated-fabric storage tank? 639 80 feet wide by 80 feet long
Each IPDS main run pipeline set contains the material to complete what distance of pipeline? 640 5 miles
What is the size of the aluminum IPDS pipe sections? 640 6 inches ID X 19 feet long
On aluminum pipe joints in the IPDS, what is the maximum deflection allowed? 640 7 2%
How often must expansion loops be installed in the IPDS main line runs? 640 at least every 1,000 feet of pipeline
What was FORCE designed to do? 641 FORCE was designed to be a more economical and efficient fuel transfer and pumping system to replace the FMSE equipment.
How many gallons can the FORCE compliment provide for the basic aerial refueling mission? 641 The basic aerial refueling mission objective of the FORCE complement is to provide 400,000 gallons per day sustained and up to 1 million gallons a day surge capability
Which FORCE units have the remote control system? The R-18 pumping unit and R-20 servicing platform
(632) Approximately how long should it take a 3-person team to complete an in-crater repair on a 6- or 8-inch pipeline? 45 minutes
(632) During night repair operations with the rapid utilities repair kit I, how close to a crater’s edge can floodlight stands be positioned? No closer than the height of the floodlight
(633) To operate the contingency fuel recovery system, at least how many people should be on the team? 2
(633) The hydraulic hoses that operate the submersible pump are pressurized to approximately what psi? 3,000 psi
(634) The R–14 fuel servicing module is capable of delivering a controlled pressure of how much psi to the refueling nozzle? 50 psi (+/- 5)
(634) What is the rated capacity of the positive displacement meter on the R–14C fuel servicing module? 600 gpm
(634) What must be considered when determining a convenient location to set-up the R–14C fuel servicing module? Type of aircraft to be serviced
(635) The canisters in the FFU–15E filter/separator are constructed of aluminum
(636) What is the maximum discharge pressure the R–22 pump assembly was designed to deliver at 600 gpm? 85 psi
(636) What is the purpose of the float valve on the R–22’s fuel tank? allows fuel from the discharge side of the pump to fill the engine tank
(636) What size mesh is the basket strainer that is installed upstream of the pump on the R–22 pumping unit? 60-mesh
(637) The Hammonds TPI–4T–4 additive injector is operated by the fuel flowing through it
(638) How many filter elements are installed on the PMU–27M filter separator? 3
639) How much slope should the dike floor have that contains a 10K-gallon fuel bladder? between 3 and 5 inches
(639) How much working clearance must be maintained between the bladder and the bottom interior edge of the dike wall? 2 feet
(639) What is the safe fill height of the bladder when it is full? 4 feet
(639) What is the height of the dike wall around the 210,000 gallon collapsible coated fabric fuel tank? 6 feet
(639) The sealing clamps used for emergency repair of collapsible coated fabric fuel tanks come in which three sizes? 3", 5", 7 1/2"
(640) How many times can each end of the IPDS 19-foot aluminum main line pipe sections be re-grooved? once
(640) Because of the inland petroleum distribution system’s (IPDS) single grooves on the pipe sections and equipment adapters, what is the maximum allowable operating pressure the IPDS system can withstand? 740 psi
(641) The FORCE R–18 pumping unit is powered by what? multi-fuel engine
(641) Which FORCE unit has a solar panel to charge the batteries during periods of extended inactivity? R-20 servicing unit
Created by: Scottydick
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