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Fuels Vol. 4 Unit 3

Expedient Field Construction and Repair

What do you install in a latrine box to prevent soakage of the wood? 625 A metal deflector inside the box
Why do you pile dirt at the end of the straddle trench? 625 So each user can cover their excreta and toilet paper with dirt
What is the difference between a VIP latrine and other pit latrines? 625 The VIP has a vertical vent pipe with a fly screen at the top
What should you install on the top of a burnout latrine’s drum? 625 A fly-proof self-closing lid
How wide do you make a mound latrine? 625 At least 6 feet wide
What do you place at the bottom of a urine soakage pit? 626 Large stones
What influences the degree of stabilization in a stabilization lagoon? 626 climatic conditions
What can you use to seal a stabilization lagoon? 626 Bentonite Clay
When should you construct evaporation lagoons? 626 When it is impossible to discharge wastewater off base
What is the purpose of baffle boards in a septic tank? 626 They reduce agitation of the layer of scum on the surface of the tank by slowing the water currents through the tank
What problem occurs when grease is not allowed to cool down in the trap? 626 The grease remains uncongealed and passes through the trap
How many inches apart are ½” holes drilled in leach field piping? 626 6 inches
Why is plastic pipe preferred in expedient wastewater systems? 626 Because of its light weight, strength, and ease of installation
What happens if rainwater is allowed to pond? 627 The subgrade becomes saturated and fails under load
What is normally done to damaged, underground storm drains? 627 They are discarded and open channels or ditches are used
What is the most expedient method of removing rainwater? 627 Digging open ditches
What simple rule of thumb should you to use to size an expedient drainage ditch? 627 The larger the ditch, the more water it will remove
What are the two most common landfill methods? 628 Trench and area
What is the usual method of using a sanitary fill? 628 Dump the waste into a trench or dig one to put it in
What do you do with compacted refuse? 628 cover it with earth
How should you use the dirt from the trench excavation? 628 to build a truck ramp
What determines the length of the landfill’s starting trench? 628 depends on the disposal area
For a base of less than 10,000 people, how deep should be the original landfill trench? 628 about 3 feet deep
Where do you use the area construction method? 628 where there is a high-water table
At what angle should you pile a mound of soil or refuse on flat land? 628 form a 30 degree ramp
Why is it helpful to wet refuse before you unload it? 629 To prevent excessive paper blowing
What is involved in maintaining inactive landfills? 629 After the landfill is closed, filled in, or covered with ashes or dirt, the only maintenance is a periodic check and correcting depressions and cracks
What are the most common sources of water supply? 630 surface waters
How can you increase the water yielding capacity of small streams? 630 by building dams and reservoirs
How can you tap water flowing in a muddy stream? 630 by building an infiltration gallery
Which well developed method is still used in many underdeveloped countries? 631 dug well
(625) Which expedient latrine is used if a prolonged deployment is planned? deep-pit latrines
(625) How much fuel oil should you place in the burnout latrine prior to use? 1/2 gallon
(626) From top to bottom, what are the contents of a urine soakage pit? fine gravel, small stones, large stones
(626) To prevent the growth of rooted aquatic plants, how many feet is the minimum depth of an oxidation pond? 2 feet
(628) When you use a trench-in landfill operations with compacted refuse, the length should be twice the depth of the compacted refuse
(628) The area landfill construction method is used Where there is a high-water table.
(628) How many inches of earth should you apply to the daily waste in an area landfill? 6 inches
(629) What should you do to prevent erosion of a completed landfill? plant grass
(630) When you expand water facilities, the capacity of any small dams and reservoirs you build should be capable of impounding at least the total daily flow
(631) In a dug well, the water flows into the casing from the bottom
Created by: Scottydick
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