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Fuels Vol. 4 Unit 2

Expedient Beddown Methods

How many gallons per person per day is the BEAR water system designed to support? 615 30
How many days can the BEAR water system maintain enough water storage capacity to sustain the camp with no new water production? 615 5
What are the five distinct subsystems that make up the BEAR water system? 615 Source Run, water production with 600 or 1500 ROWPU’s, 550 initial, 550 follow-on and industrial operation and flightline extension
What color code is used to denote components used in the wastewater system? 615 Purple
What temperature can water reach in above-ground pipelines? 615 160 degrees
The BEAR water system should never be less than how many ppm chlorine residual at the point of use? 615 1 ppm
What is the temperature operating range for the M272 water test kit? 615 32°F to 125°F
What is the main purpose of the source run subsystem? 616 Provide raw water for the system
How many feet can the source run subsystem pump water? 616 6000 feet
How many ROWPUs make up the 600gph water production subsystem? 616 3
How many 20,000-gallon water bladders is part of the water production subsystem, and what are their designated uses? 616 Three. Two for potable water and one for raw water storage
What is the 550 initial subsystem’s primary purpose? 616 potable water distribution
What is the 25,000-gallon wastewater collection tank designed to accomplish? 616 Aerate wastewater and keep in a liquid state until final disposal
What is the limitation of the 550 follow-on subsystem? 616 It was not designed to function alone
What problem may occur if you run a centrifugal pump without water? 617 Damage may occur
What lift stations are used in the BEAR wastewater collection system? 617 Sewage ejector kitchen, sewage ejector latrine, macerator, and dual pump lift station
If you notice the pump impeller running backwards, what should you do to correct the problem? 617 Have an electrician check the phase voltage to the pump motor
How do you maintain the correct water level in the 3,000-gallon potable water storage tanks? 617 Adjust the bladder water level control devices and control knobs to maintain the desired level
What level do you adjust the water heater temperature to for washing clothes? 618 Adjust the thermostat to regulate the water to 110 degrees Fahrenheit for the washing process
How do you relieve air from the water heater tank? 618 Open the water heater relief valve to relieve air from the water tank
How many gallons of wastewater per day will the self-help laundry generate if the camp totals 150 personnel? 618 300 gallons
What problems can cause the supply pump to continuously cycle on and off? 618 Accumulator precharge is low or the pressure switch has malfunctioned
What pressure does the potable water electric pump maintain the electric kitchens water distribution system? 619 20-40 psi
How much water does the civil engineering planners estimate will be needed per person per day for food preparation. 619 3 gallons per person per day
When designing an evaporation bed, how many square feet are factored in for each person per day? 619 3 feet per person per day
Why is a grease trap installed on the drain of the kitchen? 619 To prevent the grease from slowing the evaporation process in the evaporation beds
What is the simplest type of grease trap to build? 619 drum grease trap
What are the two main sizes of water bladders used in the field? 620 3,000 and 20,000 gallon
When filling the 20,000-gallon water bladder, what is the maximum height they can be filled? 620 64 inches
How large is the waste tank of a field deployable latrine? 621 360 gallons
How much water is needed to prime the pump? 621 approx. 3 quarts
How many personnel can shower at any one time in the shower/shave facility? 622 12
What is the size of the water supply hoses and the drainage hoses in the shower facility itself? 622 One-inch water supply and 2–inch drainage
At what temperature should the temperature regulator be set and what is the maximum allowable temperature for showering? 622 Normally set at 105°F, and never more than 115°F
How many sinks are included in each shave stand? 622 3
How often do you inspect pumps for debris, leakage, or damage? 622 weekly
Which bare base medical facility provides outpatient clinic services? 623 Air transportable clinic
Which medical facility is housed in a combination of tent expendable modular personnel and Alaskan tents? 623 Air Force theater hospital
How much air does the vacuum pump on the SST displace? 624 175 cfm
(615) What is the best way to protect hardwall piping from solar radiation? bury piping
(615) Under normal conditions, what are the proper parts per million and hours needed for chlorine to disinfect the Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources water distribution system? 10, 24
(616) How many reverse osmosis water purification units (ROWPU) make up the 1500gph ROWPU water production subsystem? 2
(617) What components make up the Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources package macerator pump lift stations? submersible macerator pump, sewage tank, pump lift-out assembly, three floats
(617) After experiencing unusually long pump runs, how do you inspect the dual pump station’s accumulator to determine if it has become waterlogged? depress air valve
(617) If the pressure switch on the 35gpm electric pump is not operating properly, what is the first step you should take to correct the problem after de-energizing the unit? clean the contacts
(617) What is the likely problem if a lift station pump is running backwards? phase voltage is incorrect
(618) How many washer and dryers are provided with the self-help laundry? five washers, five double stacked dryers
(618) What technical order action do you follow to correct the self-help laundry’s water heater if the water is too hot? 50D1-4-1
(620) How much sand is required when a 20,000-gallon water bladder is placed on rocky or uneven surfaces? 2"
(621) Each Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources deployable latrine unit consist of Six toilets and one urinal trough that drain into a 360-gallon waste tank
(621) How many males and females does one field deployable latrine service? 70 male or 52 female personnel
(622) What is the first step in assembling the shower facility after all the equipment has been unpacked? Connecting the drainage system
(622) When operating a boiler, what action will prevent the boiler from emitting heavy smoke from the exhaust stack? open air band
(622) During the initial run-up of the shower facility, what should you do if a showerhead continues to drip after the shower valve has been closed? nothing, this is normal
(622) Which component in the shower facility are you not responsible to repair? M-80 boiler
(624) Which technical order should you consult before operating the sewer sucker trailer? TO 36A11–18–24–1
Created by: Scottydick
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