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Allied Term2

pleura dbl. membrane surrounding lungs
pleural cavity space between pleural membrane
mediastinum area between lungs
peritoneum dbl. membrane covers organs in abdomen
pelvis hip bones
spinal cavity space within back bones
cranial cavity space within skull
pelvic cavity space below abdominal cavity
diaphragm muscle between thoracic & abdominal cavity
thoracic cavity chest cavity
pleural effusion fluid in (p)cavity
ascites fluid in peritoneal cavity
cervical pert. neck region 1-7
thoracic pert. chest region 1-12
Lumbar waist(loin) region 1-5
sacral lower back region 1-5
micturition urination, voiding
frontal plane front & back (coronal)
sugittal plane right & left (lateral)
Transverse plane cross section (axial) upper/lower
Anterior ventral cavity
gonad ovary/testis
gamete ovum/spermatozoon
ventral cavity thoracic,abdominal, pelvis cavities
dorsal cavity cranial, spinal cavity
cervix neck (back),neck uterus
lumbar pert. lion/waist region
epithelial pert.skin lining surface cell
laparotomy incision of abdomen
esophageal pert. tube throat - stomach
laryngeal pert. voice box
pleuritis inflammation membrane lungs
pharyngeal pert. throat
sacral pert. sacrum lower back
coccygeal pert. tail bone
laparoscopy visual exam. abdomen
vertabral pert. back bone
posterior pert. back
anterior pert. front
craniotomy incision of skull
mediastinal pert area between lungs
epithelial pert. skin lining or surface cell
tracheotomy incision of windpipe
peritoneal pert. membrane surr. abdomen organ
lymphocyte type of white blood cell
septicemia blood infection, pathogen in blood
ischemia blood blockage
meninges membrane layer (3) surrounding brain, spinal cord
myoma benign tumor fibroids
Menorrhea normal discharge blood & tissue
Menorrhagia abnormal heavy/ long menstrual period
Hematuria blood in urine
uremia high level urea in blood
adenoids enlarged mass of lymphoid
stent mesh tube
stoma opening between 2 organs or to outside
colocolostomy internal connection parts intestine
gangrene type of necrosis
necrosis dead tissue
atherectomy removal of plaque
lumen duct, cavity tubular organ
Carpals wrist bones
Metacarpals hand bones
Phalanges finger / toe bones
right hypochondriac region abdominopelvic region top right
left hypochondriac region abdominopelvic region top left (spleen)
epigastric region abdominopelvic region top middle
right lumbar region abdominopelvic region right middle
left lumbar region abdominopelvic region left middle (ilium)
umbilical region abdominopelvic region center middle
right inguinal region abdominopelvic region lower right
left inguinal region abdominopelvic region lower left (iliac)
hypogastric region abdominopelvic region lower middle
Frontal(coronal) plan front/back
sagittal plan lateral side/side
midsagittal center lateral
transverse plan axial top/bottom
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