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Medical Records

What are three major categories of medical records? HEALTH RECORDS (HREC), OUTPATIENT (OREC) INPATIENT (IREC)
What are the three types of secondary records? 1. Convenience Records 2. Temporary Records 3. Ancillary Records
What sorts of secondary records may be opened on Active Duty personnel? 1. OB/GYN, 2. Family Advocacy 3. Psych
What happens to a Temporary Record when its purpose is served? It is merged with the Primary Record.
What is an Ancillary Record? A record of a patient's healthcare information that is withheld from the Primary Record or another.
What is the form number for Health Records NAVMED 6150/20
What is the form number for Request for Medical/Dental Records? DD 877
What is Part 1 of the HREC? Prev Med and Occ Health
What is Part 2 of the HREC? Record of Medical Care and Treatment
What is Part 3 of the HREC? Physical Qualifications
What is part 4 of the HREC? Record of Ancillary Studies and Forms
What is the DD 771? Eyewear Prescription
Color of medical record jacket for last 2 SSN 00-09 Orange
Color of medical record jacket for last 2 SSN 10-19 Green
Color of medical record jacket for last 2 SSN 20-29 Yellow
Color of medical record jacket for last 2 SSN 30-39 Gray
Color of medical record jacket for last 2 SSN 40-49 Tan
Color of medical record jacket for last 2 SSN 50-59 Blue
Color of medical record jacket for last 2 SSN 60-69 White
Color of medical record jacket for last 2 SSN 70-79 Almond
Color of medical record jacket for last 2 SSN 80-89 Pink
Color of medical record jacket for last 2 SSN 90-99 Red
FMP of Sponsor 20
FMP of Spouse of Sponsor 30-39
FMP of Children of Sponsor 01-19
FMP of foreign military 99
How often are Medical Records reviewed? Annually
For OREC, you should retire medical records for patients not receiving servies within the past __ years, or __ years for teaching facilities. 2 years, 5 years
MTF's must have IRECs coded and completed within __ days after discharge. 30
What is the DD 2005? Privacy Act Statement
Is an original record kept along with primary record in specialty clinic. Documents a current course of tx. Most common in OB/GYN clinics for prenatal care. Temporary record
What are the colors of the Category tapes on the edge of the med rec? Red: HRECS Black: ORECS Green: IRECS Blue: Dental
NAVMED 6150/7 What is the Record "Charge Out" form number?
What is a health record? A file of continuous care given to AD members and documents all outpatient care provided during career.
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