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The results of what hearing tests should be recorded on a Standard form (SF600) & maintained in the health record? Routine physicals, such as complaints of hearing diffulties, diffulty understanding conversational speech or a sensation of ringing ir fullness in the ear(s)
Who ensure personnel exposed to hazardous noise have and properly use hearing protective devices? Division officers
Who must comply w/ hazardous noisee labels wherever they appear, either in spaces or on equipment, and properly wear assigned hearing protective devices? All hands
Personnel assigned to spaces such as dake shops and main machinery shall monitor compartments every hours if... DB temps do not exceed 85F
What are thspaces on ships most like to have conditions that may cause heat stress? Machinery spaces, laundries, sculleries, galleys, incenator rooms, flight decks, and steam catapilt rooms.
Who ensure that a sapce or piece of equipment that is designated as noise hazardous is properly posted and labeled? Division officers.
An A-weighted sound level of __dB or less at all locations in which personnel are required to work 84
What is or use in especially hot environment where reduced stay times have been imposed on watch/work standers? Time Weighted Man (TWM) WBGT
personnel conducting a survey can validate the WBGT index using the what formula? WBGT = (0.1xDB) + (0.7xWB) + (0.2xGT)
who establish and enforce an effective heat-stress policy? Commanding Officer
all personnel shall receive a baseline hearing test upon entry into naval service recorded on a_____________ Reference Audiogram (DD form 2215)
industrial hygiene offficers shall.... 1) maintain and ensure proper calibration of sound level measuring equipment. 2) annually certify audiometric testing booths installed aboard the ships.
Dehydration, lack of sleep, illness, use of medication, drugs, alcohol, and the presence of atmospheric contaminants such as combustion gas or fuel vapors are factors that enhance susceptibility to what illness? Heat-stress illness
all personnel assigned to HC programs shall receive a hearing test when? annually
the primary means of protecting navy personnel from hazardous noise levels shall be through the application of... engineering controls
noise measurement and esposure analysis application of engineering controls, use of hearing protection, periodic hearing testing, training regarding potentially hazardous noise areas are all elements of what? HEARING CONSERVATION ELEMENTS
personnel shall receive a what upon termination from the service? Termination hearing test
who provide training to divisons on heat-stress health hazards, symptoms, prevention, and first aid procedures, upon request? the mdical department representative (MDR)