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Fuels Vol. 3 Unit 2

Type 2 Hydrant System

How many automatic valves are located in the LCP of the Pritchard system? (407) 4
At a hydrant outlet, what is used to start the pumps in the pumphouse and energize the solenoid on the refueling control valve in the LCP? (407) Refueling contacts of the magnetic control station (KISS switch)
During refueling, which refueling valve does the fuel have to pass through to reach the hydrant outlet? (407) 90AF-8 refueling control valve
What types of manual valves are used in the LCP? (407) Non-lubricated plug or ball valves
Which of the four automatic valves in the LCP are used during defueling? (407) The 134AF and the 41AF.
How can you isolate the defuel pump? (407) By opening the defuel pump circuit breaker
What LCP component cuts off the defuel pump when the vacuum in the line between the defuel pump and the hydrant outlet reaches a predetermined setting? 407 The vacuum control switch.
What type pump is used in the LCP for defueling? 407 Self-priming, centrifugal.
What 5 functions does the 90AF–8 refueling control valve serve? 408 Pressure reducing, nonsurge, pressure relief, excess flow shutoff, and emergency shutoff
On the 90AF-8 refueling control valve, what Throttles the valve, maintaining constant delivery pressure. 408 pressure reducing control (CRD)
On the 90AF-8 refueling control valve, what Prevents downstream surges when fuel flow is suddenly stopped 408 pressure relief control (CRL)
On the 90AF-8 refueling control valve, what Trips when an excessive flow condition exists 408 CDHS-3 differential pressure control
On the 90AF-8 refueling control valve, what Provides a remote emergency shutoff 408 solenoid
What should you inspect on the 90AF–8 every three months? 409 Leaks, external damage, and the proper operation of its five functions
If the main valve on the 90AF-8 fails to open at the desired rate, what adjustment is needed? 409 Adjust the CV flow control
What component opens the 50AF–2 valve very quickly and efficiently? 410 Strainer orifice
Which component on the 50AF–2 valve allows the main valve to open once inlet pressure is exceeded? 410 The CRL
What happens to the 50AF–2 valve if the CDHS–3 on the 90AF–8 valve trips due to pressure surges? 410 It opens wide when pressure reaches 10 psi above the 90AF–8 valve’s NIP
Why is the 50AF–2 valve installed with the flow under the disc? 410 So it opens even if the main valve diaphragm ruptures
What must you observe and record before adjusting the 50AF–2? 411 The NIP of the 90Af–8 during refueling
Which manual valve must you close before adjusting the 50AF–2? 411 The valve downstream from the 90AF–8
Before starting the deepwell turbine pump, what must you do to the adjusting screw on the 50AF–2 CRL? 411 Turn the adjusting screw clockwise for maximum spring tension
What is the standard for adjusting the 50AF–2 CRL? Who really has the final say to that adjustment setting? 411 The standard setting is 10 psi above the 90AF–8 NIP. Your supervisor or trainer has the final say because each base differs
134AF defuel control valve fails to open 412 The solenoid does not energize; the main valve diaphragm fails; clogged control tubing; a closed manual valve downstream; or there is obstruction in the main valve body
134AF defuel control valve fails to close 412 Either the solenoid valve is stuck open or there is obstruction in the main valve
134AF defuel control valve defuel pump rotating slowly during refueling 412 There is either a fuel leakage through the solenoid valve or leakage past the main valve disc and seat
What are the two distinct functions of the 41AF rate-of-flow control valve? 413 It holds the preset flow rate during defueling at 200 gpm and it acts as a check valve, by preventing fuel from flowing in reverse when the 50AF–2 opens during refueling
Which component, on the 41AF, maintains the defueling rate of flow through the defuel pump? 413 CDHS–2,differential control
What is energized when you place a magnet on the magnetic defuel (KISS) switch? What flow rate is then established? 413 The solenoid on the 134AF is energized and the defuel pump starts.. A 200-gpm flow rate is established
Which two components, on the 41AF, work together to prevent reverse fuel flow? 413 The hytrol check and the swing check valves
How often is the 41AF rate of flow control valve inspected? 413 Quarterly
What are the two functions of the 352AF adapter? 414 Provides a quick, leak-free connection between the installed piping and portable hose equipment; and it controls its own fuel level when defueling to keep air out of the piping system
What coupler must be connected to the 352AF to open the adapter? 414 The 351AF
What allows the float in the hydrant adapter to rise (lift off its seat) and stay open to allow fuel to flow? 414 Buoyancy and velocity
What 352AF constructional feature allows pressure to equalize if the pressure above the float is greater than the pressure below the float? 414 The automatic bypass valve
What happens if the defuel pump starts before the pressure on either side of the float is equalized? 414 The float will be held tightly against its seat
When defueling stops, what feature of the 352AF prevents air from being drawn into the piping system? 414 the float assembly
Which part(s) of the 352AF adapter must be removed to replace the disc? 414 The cover, seat, and poppet
What component on the 352AF hydrant adapter makes sure jet fuel is not dispensed to a reciprocating, aviation-gasoline aircraft? The stop, one for the jet fuel and the other for the AVGAS
What are the hydrant outlets grounded to? 414 A galvanized or stainless steel ground rod
What valve was removed from the modified Pritchard LCP? 415 The 134AF defueling control valve
component of 51AF-4 defuel valve that Prevents reverse flow through the control loop 415 Hytrol check
component of 51AF-4 defuel valve that Holds the main valve closed during refueling operations 415 Auxiliary hytrol, Three-port solenoid
component of 51AF-4 defuel valve that Closes to keep the hydrant line full of fuel 415 Low-pressure CRL
component of 51AF-4 defuel valve that Relieves excess pressure to the defueling line 415 High-pressure CRL
component of 51AF-4 defuel valve that Relieves pressure from the hytrol cover chamber 415 Three-port solenoid
component of 51AF-4 defuel valve that Dumps pressure onto the main valve cover chamber during reverse flow 415 Swing check valve
component of 51AF-4 defuel valve that Controls the main valve closing speed 415 CV-flow control
component of 51AF-4 defuel valve that Opens at 5 psi 415 Low-pressure CRL
What causes the 41AF-10 solenoid to deenergize closed? 415 When the defuel pump in the pit is not energized
What component prevents fuel from flowing through the defuel pump during a rapid flow defueling operation? 415 The solenoid, deenergized closed, on the 41AF–10
To set the pressure on the 51AF-4 valve, what three components are adjusted? 416 The two CRLs and the CV flow control
What is used to set the low-pressure CRL on the 51AF-4 rapid defuel valve? 416 A magnet placed on the refueling KISS switch
What should the lateral piping pressure be when the system is idle if the low-pressure CRL on the 51AF-4 rapid defuel valve is set correctly? 416 5 psi
What pressure does the 51AF–4’s high-pressure CRL open if the 90AF–8 CRD is set to open at 105 psi? 416 At normal operating pressure of 105
If the 51AF-4 does not open to relieve fuel pressure surges during refueling, what component would you check? 416 The high-pressure CRL to see if it is set too high or if there is a hole in the diaphragm.
What happens when the solenoid valve on the 51AF-4 fails to energize? 416 The 51AF–4 bypasses fuel during fueling operation
(407) How many manual valves are found in the lateral control pit of the Pritchard system? 3
(407) When you place a magnet on the defuel magnetic control switch, during defueling, the solenoids on the defueling control valve and the defuel pump are energized
(407) What lateral control pit component automatically cuts off the defuel pump when a predetermined amount of inches of mercury is reached? vacuum control switch
(408) When the cover chamber pressure of the 90AF–8 refueling control valve is at least as great as the inlet pressure, the valve will valve closes tightly
(408) If the cover chamber pressure on a 90AF–8 refueling control valve stays between the inlet and outlet pressure, the valve valve modulates
(408) What happens to auxiliary hytrols A and B, on the 90AF–8 refueling control valve, when excess flow trips the CDHS–3 pressure differential control? A opens and B closes
(408) The pressure relief control, on the 90AF–8 is set to 5 psi above normal operating pressure (NOP)
(409) What pressure rate must you establish before setting the pressure relief control on the 90AF–8 refueling control valve? 5 psi above the NOP
(410) Which statement best describes what is removed from the strainer orifice used on the 50AF–2 pressure relief valve? only the primary jet
(411) How often should you check the 50AF–2 pressure relief valve to it is opening and relieving pressure? semi-annually
(411) The standard pressure setting, on the 502AF–2 pressure valve’s pressure relief control (CRL), is based on the 90AF–8 refueling valve’s pressure of 10 psi above its normal inlet pressure
(412) The components of the 134AF defueling control valve include: a valve position indicator, solenoid flow clean strainer, ejector
(412) How often is the 134AF defueling control valve operationally inspected? quarterly
(412) What condition exists when fuel leaks past the 134AF main valve disc and seat? The defuel pump rotates slowly during refueling
(413) Which component on the 41AF rate-of-flow control valve causes the main valve to throttle? CDHS–2
(413) To adjust the flow rate of the differential control on the 41AF rate-of-flow control valve, you must turn the adjusting screws turn counterclockwise until minimal spring tension
(413) What is the probable cause when the 41AF–10 main valve opens during refueling? leakage through normally closed solenoid valve
(414) When defueling stops, the 352AF hydrant adapter controls its own fuel level in order to keeps air from entering the installed piping system
(414) At what maximum differential pressure, in pounds per square inch (psi) does the 352AF hydrant adapter’s automatic bypass valve open? maximum differential pressure of 35 psi
(414) After activating an emergency stop switch at the Type II hydrant outlet, you reset the system to refuel by manual reset required in pumphouse control room
(415) How often is the 41AF–10 inspected? semi-annually
(415) What are the low and high settings (pounds per square inch {psi}), respectively, for the pressure relief controls on the 51AF–4 valve? 5 psi and 5 psi above the CRL on the 90AF–8
(415) The primary purpose of having 5 psi in the lateral piping on the 51AF–4 rapid defuel valve is to prevent reverse flow during rapid flow defueling
(416) Before adjusting the high pressure relief control on the 51AF–4 valve, you must also adjust the pressure reducing control (CRD) on the 90AF–8 valve to 5 psi above the normal operating pressure
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