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KINE 306 MT(141-300)

poplit/o back of the knee
poster/o behind, toward the back
pre- before, in front of
pron/o, pronat/o bent forward
proxim/o near
pub/o pubis, part of hip bone
pulm/o, pulmon/o lung
quadr/i, quadr/o four
radicul/o nerve root
ren/o kidney
restor/o rebuild, put back, restore
resuscit/o revive
retent/o hold back
reticul/o network
retin/o retina, net
retract/o draw back or in
retro- behind, backward, back of
rhin/o nose
rigid/o stiff
rotat/o rotate, revolve
sacr/o sacrum
scapul/o scapula, shoulder blade
scoli/o curved, bent
semi- half
soma-, somat/o body
spher/o round, sphere, ball
splen/o spleen
spondyl/o vertebrae, vertebral column, backbone
stasis, -static control, maintenance of a constant level
stenosis abnormal narrowing
stern/o sternum, the breastbone
styl/o pen, pointed instrument
sub- under, less, below
subluxat/o partial dislocation
sulc/o furrow, groove
super-, super/o above, excessive, higher than
supin/o lying on the back
supra- above, upper, excessive
sym- with, together, joined together
syn- together, with, union, association
syndesm/o ligament
tachy- fast, rapid
tact/i touch
tars/o tarsus (ankle bone), instep, edge of the eyelid
ten/o, tend/o tendon, stretch out, extend, strain
tendin/o tendon
therm/o heat
thora/o, thorac/o chest
tibi/o tibia (shin bone)
trans- across, through
tri- three
troph/o, -trophy development, nourishment
tubercul/o little knot, swelling
uln/o ulna (medial lower arm bone)
un- not
uni- one
vast/o vast, great, extensive
ventr/o in front, belly side of body
vertebr/o vertebra, backbone
zygomat/o cheek bone, yoke
Created by: mstout