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KINE 306 MT(121-180)

ecto- out, outside
-ectomy surgical removal, cutting out, excision
edem-, edemat/o swelling, fluid, tumor
effus/o pouring out
epi- above, upon, on
ex- out of, outside, away from
excis/o cutting out
exo- out of, outside, away from
extra- on the outside, beyond, outside
extrins/o from the outside, contained outside
faci/o face, form
fasci/o fascia, fibrous band
femor/o femur, thigh bone
fibros/o fibrous connective tissue
fibul/o fibula
flex/o bend
foramin/o opening, foramen
foss/o ditch, shallow depression
fove/o pit
fract/o break, broken
gangli/o, ganglion/o ganglion
gangren/o eating sore, gangrene
gastr/o stomach, belly
gastrocnemi/o gastrocnemius, calf muscle
glen/o socket or pit
glute/o buttocks
goni/o angle
halluc/o great or large toe
hem/o, hemat/o blood, relating to the blood
hemi- half
hepat/o liver
hiat/o opening
hidr/o sweat
hom/o same, like, alike
home/o sameness, unchanging, constant
humer/o humerus (upper arm bone)
hydr/o, hydra- relating to water
hyper- excessive, increased
hypo- deficient, decreased
ili/o ilium, hip bone
incis/o cutting into
infer/o below, beneath
infra- below, beneath, inferior to
inguin/o groin
innominat/o unnamed, nameless
inter- between, among
intra- within, inside
intrins/o contained within
ipsi- same
ischi/o ischium
iso- equal
-itis inflammation
jugul/o throat
kel/o growth, tumor
kines/o, kinesi/o, -kinesia movement
labi/o lip
lacrim/o tear, tear duct, lacrimal duct
laps/o slip, fall, slide
-lepsy seizure
lev/o, levat/o raise, lift up
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