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Medical Terminology

Yellow Module- Skeletal System

acetabulum cup-like depression in hip bone which holds the head of the femur
acoustogram a record of sounds made by the motion of a joint
ankylosis stiffening or fusion of a joint
appendicular skeleton bones of the extremeties, pelvic girdle, & shoulder girdles
arthralgia pain in a joint
arthrocentesis surgical puncture of a joint
arthroclasia artificial breaking of an ankylosed joint to provide movement
arthroplasty surgical repair of a joint
arthroscopy visualization of the interior of a joint
articulation joint
axial skeleton bones of the skull, thorax, & vertebral column
calcaneitis inflammation of the heel bone
chondritis inflammation of the cartilage
claudication limping
condyle rounded elevation on a bone surface
costectomy surgical removal of the ribs
crepitation grating sound that is heard when ends of a broken bone move together
fossa a depression in the bone surface
genu valgus knock-knee
genu varus bowleg
greenstick fracture a partial fracture, in which only one side of the bone is broken
hemarthrosis blood in a joint
infrasternal below the sternum
ischialgia pain in the ischium
kyphosis forward curvature of the thoracic spine; humpback, hunchback
laminectomy excision of the vertebrae
lordosis forward curvature of the lumbar spine; swayback
lumbago lower back pain
luxation dislocation or displacement of a bone from the joint
malleolus forms the bony prominence of the ankle joint
manubrium upper portion of the sternum
myelocele herniation of the spinal cord
olecrenon process forms the bony prominence of the elbow
osteoarthritis inflammation of joints
osteoblast embryonic bone cell
osteoclasis surgical fracture of bone to correct deformities
osteolysis destruction of bone tissue
osteomalacia softening of bone
osteomyelitis inflammation of a bone & bone-forming tissues
osteonecrosis destruction & death of bone tissue
osteoporosis disorder which causes bones to become brittle & easily fractured
osteorrhaphy suturing or wiring of bones
osteosclerosis hardening of bone tissue
Paget's Disease extensive bone destruction followed by abnormal bone repair
periostitis inflammation of the periosteum
popliteal posterior surface of the knee
rachialgia pain in the spine
rachicentesis surgical puncture into the spinal column
scapulothoracic pertaining to the scapula & chest
scoliosis lateral curvature of the spine
sesamoid bone bones which do not articulate with other bones
spiral fracture fracture where the bone has been twisted apart
spondylitis inflammation of the spinal vertebrae
spondylolisthesis forward movement of one of the lower vertebrae on the vertebrae below it
syndactylism fusion of two or more fingers or toes
synovial fluid lubricating substance found in the joints
traction pulling force exerted on a limb to return a joint to normal alignment
tubercle small rounded elevation on a bone
calcaneodynia pain in the heel bone
spondyloarthropathy disease of the joints of the spine
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