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Bumedinst 6230.15

Immunizations & Chemoprophylaxis

True or False: Electronic Immunization Tracking Systems are the preferred record for immunization data. True
True or False: It is required that a trained physician be present during the administration of vaccines. False
Who is responsible for making sure emergency medical response is available; that those who administer immunizations have at least basic CPR skills & the ability to administer Epinephrine in case of adverse reactions to vaccines? Medical Commanders, Commanding Officers, and Command Surgeons
Which military branch is the Executive Agent for the Military Immunization Program? Army =(
Whose responsible for operating a Military Vaccine Office, providing military Services with a source of information and education of vaccine related activities. Still the Army =,(
Individuals administering immunizations need to be properly trained in accordance with what three guideline authorities? Department of Defense (DOD), Service, United States Coast Guard (USCG), and Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC)
Immunizing agents will not be used beyond the manufacturer’s potency expiration date, unless WHO authorizes extension in exceptional circumstances? The appropriate Surgeon General or CG–11, USCG
Explain why immunizations given at intervals shorter than the recommended interval should not be counted as part of a primary series. Because it may not provide adequate immune response.
We know that immunizations given at intervals shorter than the recommended interval should not be counted as part of a primary series, because it may not provide adequate immune response, but there is one exception to the rule. What's the exception? Only if its part of “catchup” schedules accepted by the CDC.
True or False: When an initial series of a vaccine or toxoid is interrupted you should restart the interval of vaccines or just increase the dosage. False
Not more than 5 vaccine injections will be given on the same day. Why? To minimize injections site discomfort
Generally speaking, at what interval are inactivated vaccines administered? One week apart
Generally speaking, at what interval are live-virus immunizations administered? 4 or more weeks apart
Shipping and storage advice about vaccinations are available from what centers? Service medical logistics centers
Immunizing and chemoprophylaxis agents are stored, shipped, and handled in accordance with the______. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Instructions
For potentially pregnant women smallpox vaccines require a specific pre–immunization screening that assesses the date of the last menstrual period. Women are recommended to take a pregnancy test if their last menstrual period is beyond how many days? 28 days
True or False: Breastfeeding women may be immunized in accordance with the current ACIP guidelines. True
True or False: Breastfeeding women may be immunized with live vaccines. False
There are 2 types of exemptions from immunization. What are they? Medical and Administrative
True or False: Vaccines are a common way for your child to get Autism. False
Who is the person who advocates a theory, proposal, or project that has the authority to approve exceptions or waivers to this regulation that are consistent with controlling law and regulations? The Surgeon General.
What are the objectives of this instruction? -Establishes general principles, procedures, policies, and responsibilities for the immunizations program. -Implements DoD Instruction 6205.2, Immunizations Requirements
What is the SF 600? Document pregnancy status and counseling on avoiding pregnancy for 3 months after receiving a live virus vaccination.
What is the SF 601? Immunizations record.
What info needs to be documented? -Date -Manufacturer -Lot Number -Dose given -Site and route of administration -VIS (Vaccine Information Sheet), if given -Name, address, title of person giving shot -Name of MTF