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NHOH HM Manual Ch 16

NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch 16: Operative Dentistry

Operative dentistry is concerned with the prevention and treatment of defects of what tooth surfaces? Enamel and dentin
Which instruments are used primarily to remove debris from tooth cavities? Spoon excavators
An even-numbered gingival margin trimmer is designed for use on which of the following tooth surfaces? Distal
An odd-numbered gingival margin trimmer is designated for use on which of the following tooth surfaces? Mesial
What type of working end does an amalgam carrier have for transportation? Hollow
An amalgam condenser is often referred to as which of the following instruments? Pluggers
Which of the following instruments is designed for carving all interproximal tooth surfaces? Hollenback #1/2
What is an advantage of using a plastic instrument for placing composite restorations? Will not discolor
What number spatula is used to mix small quantities of cement? #313
What length needle, measured in inches, is normally used for mandibular injections? 1-3/16"
The working end of a rubber dam punch is designed with which of the following mechanisms? Plunger and wheel
A “W” prefix on a rubber dam clamp indicates which of the following designs? Without wings
Which of the following rubber dam frames is the most popular? Young
What type of material is always tied around a rubber dam clamp before placement in the mouth? Dental floss
Which of the following types of matrix bands is most commonly used in restorative dentistry? Straight #1
Extensions on the wide #2 matrix bands are known by which term? Aprons
Which of the following is the most commonly used matrix retainer? Universal straight
Wood or clear plastic wedges measure about how long in length? ½ inch
The operator’s zone for a right handed dentist is located between which positions? 8 and 11 o’clock
The assistant’s zone for a right handed dentist is located between which positions? 2 and 4 o’clock
The transfer zone is located between which positions? 4 and 8 o’clock
The static zone is located between which positions? 11 and 2 o’clock
How many inches should the dentist’s eye be away from the treatment site if the patient is properly positioned? 14 to 16
In what zone will the instrument exchange between the dentist and the assistant take place? Transfer
Dental material is exchanged between the dentist and the assistant in what zone? Transfer
The needle end of a carpule is sealed with a rubber membrane held in place by what type of material? Metal band
If you must recap a needle, what technique should be used? One handed scoop
What device is used to remove blood, pus, saliva, and debris from the oral cavity? High volume evacuator
What type of cavity is present when three or more surfaces are involved? Complex
When the dentist has finished removing the tooth structure in a cavity preparation, what type of feeling will the dentin have when felt by an explorer? Firm
What is the last cutting step in the preparation of a cavity? Finishing the enamel walls
Stubborn particles of debris may be removed from a cavity preparation by which of the following materials dampened with water or hydrogen peroxide? Small cotton pellet
What two materials are used in a cavity preparation to protect the pulp? Bases and cavity liners
What material is used to seal the dentinal tubules to help prevent microleakage in a cavity preparation? Cavity Varnish
What instrument will the dentist use to bring any excess mercury from the amalgam to the top of the restoration? Burnisher
What BUMED instruction contains information of the Mercury Control Program (MCP)? BUMEDINST 6260.30
Which of the following materials may be used to remove roughness or overhanging amalgam in the proximal area? Metal filing strip
Which composite resins are available for use in operative dentistry? 1. Hybrid 2. Microfilled 3. Macrofilled
What composite shade will appear if the tooth becomes dehydrated? Lighter
What type of matrix may be placed on the tooth before the acid procedure begins? Celluoid
Glass ionomer cement will bond directly with which tooth surfaces? 1. Enamel 2. Dentin 3. Cementum
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