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NHOH HM Manual Ch 15

NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch 15: Dental Examinations

What procedure is one of the basic professional services provided on an annual basis to Sailors by the Navy dental team? Dental Examination
When seating the patient for a dental exam, where should the dental light be positioned to avoid shining the light in the patient's eye? Beneath the patient's chin
What is the primary purpose for conducting annual dental examinations? To access the readiness status of active duty personnel
Dental examinations are classified by what total number of examination types? Four
What type of examination is a comprehensive hard and soft tissue examination routinely done with study models? Type 1
Who can perform a Type 4 dental screening evaluation? 1. Dental Officer 2. Dental Hygienist 3. Qualified Dental Assistant
What form should be used to document the findings of a dental examination for overseas screening? NAVMED1300/1
True or False: A member's Commanding Officer can approve a member for overseas assignment even when the dental officer recommends disapproval. True
What dental classification indicates that the patient's dental condition, if not treated or followed up, could have the potential, but is NOT EXPECTED to, result in dental emergencies within the next 12 months? Class 2
When recording the use of copal varnish in the dental treatment record, what abbreviations should be used? Cop
What abbreviation should be used when recording the patient was informed of examination findings in the treatment plan? PTINF
When identifying and locating caries or existing restorations, how should an 8-MID designation be written out? Mesial, Incisal, Distal Aspects of a right Mandibular Incisor
When charting the top section of the Forensic Examination Form, what symbol should be used to indicate missing teeth or teeth not visible in the patient's mouth? X
Which of the following terms is often used when referring to a double occlusal restoration? Snake Eyes
True or False: Drawing an arcing line through the long axis of the tooth is an example of a partially erupted tooth. True
Nonmetallic restorations are made of what types of materials? 1. Acrylic Resin 2. Glass Ionomer 3. Fissure Sealant
True or False: A nonmetallic restoration is notated by drawing an outline of the restoration showing size, location, shape, and inscribing vertical lines within the outline. False
When charting a forensic Examination, what method, if any, should be used to describe the difference between fold and other alloy restorations? Indicate in the "Remarks" section the specific restoration alloy.
When charting, how should it be indicated that gold material was used in a fixed partial denture? Inscribe diagonal parallel lines
What procedure should be used to chart the presence of supernumerary teeth? 1. Insert a "S" in the location on the tooth number line. 2. Draw an outline of the tooth in its approximate location.
The remarks section of the forensic Dental Examination is used to differentiate between which types of dental materials? 1. Sealants 2. Temporaries 3. Composites
What number of Angle classifications could be used on the Forensic Examination Form? Three
On the Forensic Examination, what method should not be used to indicate that a patient does NOT have a soft tissue condition? Leave blank if a condition does not exist
Where in the occlusion section of the Forensic Examination should the HM document and record any other occlusal conditions not listed? "Remarks"
What non-pathologic findings should be annotated in the "Hard Tissue Remakrs" section on the Forensic Examinations Form? 1. Tori 2. Rotated Teeth 3. Intrinsic Staining
What procedure should be used when a patient requires the completion of a new Current Status form? Transfer the information from the previous forms to the new form
What conditions should be annotated in pencil in Box 1 of the Current Status Form? 1. Caious Lesions 2. Periridicular Lesions 3. Indications for the root canal treatment
What does an even line drawn on the root of a tooth indicate? Resorption of the root
True or False: Pencil entries are authorized for the use in Box 2 of the Current Status Form. False
True or False If a medical alert exists, the word "ALERT" is written or stamped in Box 3 of the Current Status form in large red letters with a brief explanation. True
Which dental form provides a record of initial accession exam and all subsequent periodic, annual, recall, and separation exams? EZ 603
What part of the SOAP includes the reason for the visit and a statement of the chief complaint? Subjective
What part of the SOAP is generally used by the examiner to make a diagnosis? Assessment
What reference should be used to complete the Dental Examination Form? MANMED Chapter 6
True or False: The BACK of the EZ 603 may be overprinted with a command specific format. True
Which of the following forms should be used to document dental treatment completed from the treatment plan, dental emergencies, and any other narrative dental findings? EZ 603A
What color ink should be used for the medical alert entry on the EZ 603A? Red
Which form should be used to record the dental examination completed in conjunction with a medical physical? DD 2808
Which entry should be annotated in Box 44 on the report of the Medical Examination Form? Patient's dental defects
Which form should be used to refer a patient to another specialist or to medical for further evaluation or treatment? SF 513
Which section of the Consultation Sheet should be left blank for the person receiving the form to document his or her findings? Consultation Report
The dental chair should be placed in which position to dismiss the patient? Arm Raised, Lowest, Upright position
When patients complete their dental examination, they should be directed to make future dental appointments at which department? Front Desk
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