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NHOH HM Manual Ch 12

NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch 12: Inpatient Care

A medical patient is prescribed therapeutic bed rest primarily for what reason? To prevent further damage to body systems
A health care provider can reasonably expect that all patients admitted for surgical procedures will exhibit which of the following characteristics? Be fearful and anxious
SF 522, Request for Administration of Anesthesia and for Performance of Operations and other Procedures, is normally signed by a parent, legal guardian or spouse EXCEPT when? The patient is able to do so
When a regional anesthetic is administered, the patient can expect what effect? Pain will be reduced or eliminated in the body part injected or swabbed
In general anesthesia, a stimulation of vital signs is evidence of what level of anesthesia induction? Stage 2
Dropping a metal basin on the operating room floor may cause a violent response from a general anesthesia patient in what stage of anesthesia? Stage 1
In the immediate postoperative recovery phase, a patient's skin color may be indicative of all of the following EXCEPT what? The patient's ability to recover from the anesthetic agent
When permitted, postoperative patients should be encouraged to ambulate to improve the functions of what physiological systems? Renal System Digestive System Lymphatic System
When caring for a young, otherwise healthy orthopedic patient requiring immobilization, the HM can anticipate all of the following EXCEPT what? Periods of dizziness associated with disorientation
Unless otherwise directed by the physician, when one is applying a cast to an arm, the patient's wrists is generally in which of the following positions? Extended about 10 degrees Neutral Position Flexed about 30 degrees SPECIFIC POSITION IS IMMATERIAL
Cane height is measured from the floor to the _______. Wrist
True or False: The cane is used on the unaffected side of the body. True
Auxiliary crutches should be fitted so that the patient's elbows are maintained with a ___ to ____ degree bend. 20 to 30
True or False: When climbing stairs, the patient should be taught to go "up with the bad and down with the good." False
What are some examples of unsafe places to walk on using crutches? Uneven Sidewalk Thick Carpet Hardwood Floor with Throw Rugs
Which ambulatory device provides the most stability? Walkers
A patient who has been fitted with a cast should be instructed to return to the medical treatment facility as soon as possible under what circumstance? The extremity affected by the cast is numb
In the theory of death and dying, it is suggested that most people exhibit five stages. The stage where the terminal patient becomes concerned about the state of his/her affairs and family members is known as __________. Depression
Patient falls may be avoided by taking what preventive measures? 1. Proper use of bed/gurney side rails. 2. Keeping floors dry and uncluttered 3. Instructing patients on the proper use of walking aids.
Electrical and electronic equipment poses significant injury hazards. What is an authorized mean of reducing this hazard? Having medical repair perform electrical safety checks on all new equipment.
True or False: Skin contact burns can be caused by ice bags or hypothermia blankets. True
During a fire evacuation, what procedure is NOT considered appropriate? Turn off all oxygen equipment not necessary to sustain life
Environmental hygiene is directed toward producing a healthy environment and includes such practices as maintaining unit cleanliness and _______. 1. Providing for adequate ventilation. 2. Limiting noise levels. 3. Proper disposal of soiled articles.
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