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NHOH HM Manual Ch 10

NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch 10: Disinfection and Sterilization

True or False: Disinfection is a MORE lethal process than sterilization. False
What levels of disinfectants are classified by the EPA? Intermediate High Low
What two types of micro-organisms are killed by all three levels of disinfection? Lipid Viruses Vegetative Bacteria
What are the three factors that influence germicidal procedures? Bioburden Nature of the Material Organic Debris present
What levels of a glutaraldehyde-based solution are FDA registered? 2.0-3.2
What level of a disinfectant and sterilant are glutaraldehyde-based solutions classified? High
What are disadvantages when using chlorine dioxide-based solutions? Has a 24-day use life as a sterilant. Does not readily penetrate inorganic debris. Must be discarded daily.
True or False: Protective eyewear and gloves are not required when using chemical agents. False
The biocidal activity of iodophors is accomplished with how many minutes of exposure? 10 to 25
What level of disinfection are iodophors and phenolics classified? Intermediate
All semi-critical category items require should receive what level of disinfection? High
All noncritical category items require at least what level of disinfection? Intermediate
What area of the treatment facility is designed for receiving, cleaning, processing, sterilizing, storing, and issuing instruments and equipment? Central Sterilization Room (CSR)
Which chart tells CSR personnel the specific order equipment, instruments, and materials are to be processed? Functional Flow
In what area of the CSR will the disinfection, cleaning, and lubrication of dental handpieces take place? Receiving and Cleaning
In what area of the CSR will the HM take contaminated instruments after completion of a patient's treatment? Receiving
What cleaning process is safer and more effective than manual scrubbing? Ultrasonic ONLY
How many sinks are needed to allow personnel to perform the manual scrubbing method? Three
What type of cleaning does an ultrasonic cleaner provide? Cavitation
For proper operation, the ultrasonic reservoir should be filled to what level with an ultrasonic solution? 1/2 to 3/4's full
How often must ultrasonic solutions be changed? Daily or when visibly contaminated
You should remove instruments from the ultrasonic unit by what means? Mesh Basket
After drying the instrument, what is the next step in the sterilization process? Inspection
How are hinged instruments arranged during packaging? Open
To allow steam to circulate freely, how should packs be wrapped? Loosely
The period during which sterilized items are considered safe for use is known by which terms? 1. Event Rotated Shelf Life 2. Expiration Date
What type of related shelf life presumes continued sterility until the package is damaged, wet, or torn? Event
What type of related shelf life presumes that after the expiration date the item is considered outdated and should not be used? Time
What is the shelf life for nonwoven blue wrap using the time-related method? 30 Days
What occurs when freshly sterilized items are placed on metal or cold surfaces? Contamination
When storing sterilized items, how should they be arranged? Expiration, with later dates toward the rear
At what temperature are all known organisms killed? 250 degrees F
A steam sterilizer may be referred to by what other name? Autoclave
When placing packages in a sterilizer, how are they placed? On the Edges
What type of sterilizer was designed to overcome the trapping of air in the chamber? Prevacuum Steam
What is the least expensive form of heat sterilization? Dry Heat
All Navy prevacuum sterilizers will be tested how often using the Bowie-Dick type test? Daily
How often is the interior of a steam sterilizer cleaned before heating? Daily
What is the typical standard dry heat cycle? 90 minutes at 320-345 degrees F
What percent of water content, if any, occurs with chemical vapor sterilization? 15
True or False: Instruments being sterilized in the STERRAD do not need to be completely dry. False
What type of sterilization is STERRAD? Plasma
What type of sterilization indicator will change color upon short exposure to sterilizing conditions such as steam, dry, heat, or chemical vapor? Internal
What type of sterilization monitor will assess whether sterilization actually occurred? Biological
What is the first step to be performed when positive biological monitoring occurs? Notify ICO
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