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NHOH HM Manual Ch 7

NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch 7: Oral Anatomy and Physiology

Dental development usually begins in which week of prenatal life? Either 2 or 3
How many total tooth buds are present in the prenatal maxillary and mandibullar arch? 10
What is the name of the last period of tooth growth? Histodifferentiation
How many years does it take permanent teeth to emerge after crown completion? Three
When primary teeth get ready to fall out and make way for the eruption of permanent teeth, what is the name of this process? Exfoliation
The part of the crown that is visible in the mouth is known by what term? Clinical crown
What is the name of the region where the roots separate? Furcation
The tip of each root is known by what term? Apex
When there is a slight indentation that encircles the tooth and marks the junction of the crown with the root, it is known by what term? Cervical line
Enamel is formed by what type of epithelial cells? Ameloblasts
What is the chief function of the pulp? Formation of dentin
What portion of the maxilla and mandible are teeth embedded? Alveolar process
When viewed by a radiograph, the trabecular bone will have what type of an appearance? Web-like
A tooth is suspended in its socket by what ligament? Periodontal
The oral mucosa consists of how many total types of mucosa? Three
The hard palate is covered with what type of mucosa? Masticatory
What is the term given to the portion of gingiva that extends from the gingival crest to the crest of the bone? Unattached gingiva
What area is the first to show symptoms of gingivitis? Gingival margin
What area prevents food from packing between the teeth? Interdental papilla
What type of tissue is found on the inside of the lips, cheeks, vestibule, soft palate, and under the tongue? Lining mucosa
How many dental quadrants are in the mouth? Four
How many primary teeth are there in a normal deciduous mouth? 20
What reasons affect how teeth are formed? Cutting Tearing Grinding
What type of shape does the lingual surface of an incisor have? Shovel
Cuspids are designed to perform what type of function? Cutting and tearing
What is the name of the system that is used by the armed forces to identify teeth? Universal numbering
Primary teeth are identified by which letters of the alphabet? A to T
The mesial surface of a tooth is located in which area? Closest to midline of the arch
The distal surface of a tooth is located in which area? Away from the midline of the arch
A tooth has how many proximal surfaces? Two
The inter-proximal space is occupied by what type of anatomy? Interdental papilla
The anteroposterior curve is referred to by what term? Curve of Spee
If a patient’s profile is characterized as “normal,” it is a class ___ Angle. I (ONE)
The mesial margin of a maxillary central incisor meets the incisal edge at almost what degree angle? 90
What are the first permanent teeth to erupt? Mandibular central incisor
What is the term used to describe the appearance of a mandibular first bicuspid? Bell-crowned
What tooth will have a fifth cusp on it? Mandibular first molar
What dental anatomy has a rounded or angular depression of varying sizes found on the surface of a tooth? Fossa
What is the name of the dental anatomy that has small, rounded projections of enamel from the incisal edges of newly erupted anterior teeth? Mamelons