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NHOH HM Manual Ch 5

NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch 5: Medical Logistics

Where would the HM locate the policies and guidance for operating and managing procedures of supply departments and activities? NAVSUP 485
The agreement to a contract with a vendor without the appropriate level of authority is also known as _______? Unauthorized Commitment
When a requisition exceeds the current competitive threshold, the HM must receive quotes from how many additional vendors? 2
Any item that has an application and appears on APL, SNSL, ISL, or Naval Ship Systems Command is known as what? Repair Part
How many digits are included in the Federal Supply Classification? 4
What number best fits the Federal Supply Classification? A. 6515 B. 00 C. 123 D. 4567 6515
What number best fits the National Codification Bureau Code? A. 6515 B. 00 C. 123 D. 4567 00
The sum total of the operating level and safety level is also known as what? Stockage Objective
A Controlled Substance Inventory is conducted how often? Monthly
The end user must complete what upon receipt of items? Sign Date Circle Amount
What is the most common receipt document that is encountered? DD 1348
When the HM encounters a shipping or packaging discrepancy on behalf of the shipper, the HM should submit a ________? Report of Discrepancy
A ROD is submitted on what form? SF 364
True or False: The first in, first out method is the process of issuing items to the first person that arrives. False
True or False: The first in, first out method is most important when dealing with items that have a shelf life or expiration date. True