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NHOH HM Manual CH 3

NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch 3: Healthcare Administration Programs

Which of the following is not a HM administrative responsibility during the operations of a medical clinic? Opening the clinic and making coffee
Which system was implemented to assist in the projection and allocation of cost for healthcare programs? DEERS
True or False: Instances where the beneficiary has a valid ID card and DEERS shows the individual ineligible, or not in the database, eligibility verification by ID Card overrides DEERS. False
True or False: In cases where a patient presents without a valid ID card and does not appear in DEERS, non-emergent care will still be rendered. FALSE
How many days after receiving treatment does a patient have to present a valid ID card before being billed as a Civilian Humanitarian Non-Indigent? 30
Who may delay billing on a patient not presenting with a valid ID? Commanding Officer
What is the length of time a newborn can be treated without presenting a valid ID card? 60 days
Which of the following Foreign Military Personnel are not eligible for care at Naval MTF's? Foreign military on vacation in the U.S.
Which of the following is not a type of dental care? Special
True or False: Treatment that is necessary to relieve pain, control bleeding, and manage septic conditions falls under Special Types of dental care. False (Emergency Types)
Of the following, who will be the first to receive dental care? 1. Active Duty - Routine 2. Member of Senior Training Corp - Special 3. Civilian - Elective 4. Family Member of Active Duty - Emergency Active Duty - Routine
What program is used to evaluate the degree of excellence in care delivered and its results for future improvement? Quality Assurance
Medical care rendered by healthcare providers to Navy beneficiaries is sometimes considered subpar due to what fact? Lack of interpersonal relationship skills
True or False: The Patient Relations Program is the only program that strives to enhance channels of communication between the hospital, staff, and patient populations. False
Which program allows patients to voice their satisfactory or unsatisfactory complaints, including those concerning treatment? Patient Relations Program
Where would the HM look to find more information in the area of Medical Treatment Records? MANMED Chapter 16
The Family Advocacy Program identifies, treats, and monitors Navy personnel engaging in what types of behaviors? Spousal, Child, and Sexual Abuse
Physical readiness testing is required to be conducted by subordinate commands, whose medical departments are responsible for all of the following EXCEPT: Process waivers for completing the PRT
True or False: Failure to obtain consent prior to initiation of medical treatment may result in medical malpractice and/or assault and battery. True
Who is obligated to provide the patient with all necessary information to make a knowledgeable decision on a proposed medical procedure? Medical Provider
True or False: Consent prior to initiation of medical treatment is required in all routine, emergency, and elective procedures. False
What legal doctrine serves as the final authority over and determines the control of substitute consent? State Law
Who is recommended to act as a witness when the patient is consenting to a medical procedure? Staff member involved in the procedure
True or False: Under the Freedom of Information Act the Navy must make all documents available EXCEPT those that are exempt. True
Which policy was established to provide a balance between the public and the privacy of an individual? Privacy Act of 1974
The HIPAA Privacy Rule allows for disclosure of what information? Protected Health Information
Personal Health Information is required to be disclosed for which reasons? Treatment Payment Health Care Operations
Under what act is it unlawful for the United States military to be used as an enforcer or to assist in the enforcement of federal or state law? Posse Comitatus Act
Who is authorized to deliver an Active Duty member to federal law enforcement authorities and based upon what actions? Commanding Officer Presentation of a Federal Warrant
Prisoners as patients categorized under all of the following categories EXCEPT: 1. Family Member Prisoners 2. Enemy POW and other detained personnel 3. Non-Military Federal Prisoners 4. Military Prisoners Family Member Prisoners
Which types of prisoners are only allowed emergency medical treatment? Non-Military Federal Prisoners
True or False: All military prisoners with active sentences are allowed to receive medical care. True
Where can the HM locate guidance on care, evaluation, and medico-legal documentation for a victim alleged of rape or sexual assault? NAVMEDCOMINST 6310.3
What is the reason many legal battles are lost? Failure to adhere to proper administrative procedures.
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