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NHOH HM Manual CH1

NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch.1 Heritage of the Hospital Corpsman

Which of the following is the key to service with distinction? Professional Ethics
The importance of having medical care onboard naval vessels was reinforced on _________? March 2, 1799
The area called the sick bay today was originally referred to as what? Cockpit
The first member of the Hospital Corps to be awarded the Medal of Honor was __________? Hospital Apprentice Robert Stanley
The foundation for the current system of rank structure came in what year? 1916
The first Hospital Corps School for Woman Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service was commissioned where? National Naval Medical Center - Bethesda, MD
The Honorable James Forrestal was serving in what position when he publicly thanked the Hospital Corps for its service and contributions during World War II? Secretary of the Navy
What was the original rating insignia of the Hospital Corps? Red Cross
True or False: Shock Trauma Platoons (STP) were first deployed during the Afghanistan phase of the War on Terror. False
True or False: Soft Power was first articulated as a possible military policy in 1911 by President Theodore Roosevelt. True
The Dental Technician rating was established _______? 12 December 1947
Most of the Navy's medical enlisted training will be relocated to __________ along with the Army and Air Force as of 2011. San Antonio, TX
What percentage of all Departments of the Navy Medals of Honor has been earned by Hospital Corpsman? 50%
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