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LCHS Ch 21 Pharmacol

Drug Types and Classes

NARCOTIC Anagesics class; used to relieve severe pain; may produce dependancy or tolerance.
ANASTHETIC class of drug that eliminates or reduces sensation; can be general or local.
ANTIBIOTICS a chemical substance that triggers an immune repsonse that kills or inhibits bacteria, fungi, and parasites.
HEPARIN Anticoagulant class; prevent clotting of blood; produced by liver cells.
ANTICONVULSANTS class of drug that prevents or reduces the frequency of convulsions; depress spontaneous activity of brain.
ANTIDEPRESSANTS Class of drug that treats symptoms of depression; elevate mood; mental alertness, and improve appetite.
INSULIN drug to treat diabetes mellitus (lowers blood sugar); body cannot produce insulin.
INSULIN PUMP device strapped to pateint's waist that periodically delivers the desired amount of insulin.
NITROGLYCERIN drug that acts on heart and coronary blood vessels to treat hypertension.
BETA-BLOCKERS vasodialate blood vessels and decrease blood output of the heart; reduces blood pressure.
CHOLESTYRAMINE lowers cholesterol by promoting its excretion in feces.
DIURETICS reduces the volume of blood by promoting the kidneys to remove excess water and salt through urine.
ANDROGENS used for male hormone replacement and to treat breast cancer in women; produced by testes and adrenal gland.
ESTROGEN female hormone produced by ovaries; prevent postmenopausal osteoporosis and chemotherapy of some types of cancer.
ANTACIDS neutralize the hydrochloric acid in the stomach
LAXATIVES relieve constipation and promote defecation for diagnostic and operative procedures.
BRONCHODILATORS open bronchial tubes and are administered by injection or aerosol inhalers.
AMPHETAMINES acts on the brain to speed up vital process in case of shock or collapse; increae alertness.
TRANQUILIZERS a class of drugs useful for controlling anxiety.
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