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Indigo Module

Professionalism Review 2

Health behaviour Includes all the things a person does to stay healthy, physically and psychologically.
Health A relative state in which one is able to function well physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually in order to express the full range of one’s unique potentialities.
Wellness A state of physical and emotional well-being.
Health beliefs Things a person believes to be true about health, illness, prevention, treatment and cure.
Self-imposed risk People’s own susceptibility to illness and the effect of lifestyle on disease/health.
Role function Expectations of responsibilities of appropriate behaviours
Cooperative Work Experience (expectations and Responsibilities) Employer-Student is qualified and will abide by the workplace’s rules. College/student-Employer will provide an experience that reflects the objectives and expectations outlined by the initial agreement
List the five dimensions of wellness, and give an example of each Social  Physical  Intellectual  Emotional  Spiritual (SPIES)
Impact on Canadians, 5 problems facing our health care system Financial constraints. Limited access to modern medical technology. Long waiting lists. Management of health-care resources. Shortage of physicians/nurses.
List the top 3 causes of morbidity and mortality in Canada today. Cardiovascular disease  Cancer  Diseases of the respiratory system and GI system Diabetes
What is a chronic illness? What impact do chronic illnesses have on our society today? Over a long period, perhaps for life  Increasing due to aging population. Shortage of physicians. Takes more time for physicians and takes away from other aspects of care
Discuss the structure and purpose of the health-illness continuum. Illustrates how a person’s health status can change over time
Identify the five stages of illness and the typical responses at each stage. 1. Preliminary phase-Appearance of signs 2. Acknowledge phase-Signs of illness persist 3. Action phase-Seeking medical intervention 4. Transitional phase-Diagnosis and treatment 5. Resolution phase-Recovery/rehabilitation or death
Discuss the effects of illness on family members, considering changing role functions Changes in a person’s duties and responsibilities. Increased stress. Conflict over unaccustomed responsibilities. Financial problems. Change in social patterns. Loneliness. Pending loss.
Identify and discuss the effects of hospitalization on clients and their families. Disrupts-Privacy -Role function -Financial security -Lifestyle -Autonomy/independence
Created by: Barbara Ross