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Indigo Module

Professionalism Review 1

How have the duties and responsibilities of the Administrative Office Professional / HOP changed over the past 10 or 20 years, both in the hospital and in the health office setting. More formalized  More responsibilities  More education requirements
Differentiate between attributes and skill. Identify and discuss three attributes and three skills that are important in health office administration A-Inborn quality/characteristic-Professionalism/ appearance/manner,analytical thinking,good judgment, approachable manner/friendly personality, flexibility. S- learned-Organize, terminology, keyboarding, computer, transcription
Define professionalism, and discuss what it means for the health-care professional. Conduct appropriate; a courteous, businesslike, respectful attitude, manner and appearance. A HOPs role is important, vital and carries a tremendous responsibility.You need to practice and uphold standards, rules and policies
What is meant by the term triage? How does effective triage relate to good judgment? Assessing the seriousness of a client’s presenting problem. Recognize a potential emergency and apply good judgment in how to deal with these situations
What are the main benefits of remaining calm in an emergency? Controls impulsive behaviour in order to respond and clear thinking and applying knowledge before taking efficient and effective action
What are the main advantages of belonging to a professional organization? Support the purpose, mission and goals. Become involved. Keep the abreast of trends and changes. Offer resources, learning materials and continuing education. Promote professional pride.
What is the purpose of a medical office simulation component, an externship, or cooperative placement experience? To apply what you have learned to a practical setting, general work experience, personal insight into your own abilities/strengths/needs for improvement, develop a level of professionalism and professional ethics.
What is the recommended font, spacing, and choice of size and colour of paper when writing a resume? Times New Roman or Arial, Single spacing, 10- or 12- point font, 8.5 x 11 white or off white paper
What is the advantage of networking with respect to a job search? Many jobs are secured by personal recommendations and word of mouth.
Compare and contrast the responsibilities and expectations of the student and the employer during a co-op or workplace experience. S-The employer will provide an experience that reflects the objectives and expectations outlined by the initial agreement. E-The student involved is qualified and will abide by the workplace rules.
What does working within your scope of practice mean? Working within the parameters of duties and responsibilities outlined by one’s professional training and skill set.
List the benefits of ongoing education for the Administrative Office Professional/ HOP. To keep abreast of technological and communication advances, to assume a wider range of responsibilities, multiple skills will continue to grow, broaden your career opportunities.
Created by: Barbara Ross