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Stack #182174

heirarchical organization of skel muscl, and membrane surrounding each level sarcomere -> muscle fibril -> muscle fiber or cell (endomysium) -> muscle fascicle (perimysium) -> muscle organ (epimysium)
m line attached to actin or myosin myosin
z line attached to actin or myosin actin
a zone is entire myosin its length doesn't change during contraction
h zone is region containing only myosin
i zone is region containing only actin
which band's length constant during contract a zone
motor unit all muscle cells controlled by single motor neuron
white fiber known as fast fiber
fast fiber known as white fiber
slow fiber known as red fiber
example of convergent muscle pec major
distinguishing feature of pennate muscle tendons run through the muscle
different pennate muscles and examples of each 1.unipennate - extensor digitorium 2.bipennate - retus femoris 3.multipennate - deltoid
first class lever example, location of weight(w) fulcrum (f) and force(F) head neck wfF
second class lever example, location of weight(w) fulcrum (f) and force(F) tip toe fwF
third class lever example, location of weight(w) fulcrum (f) and force(F) flex brachium wFf
muscles responsible for closing jaw for massication masseter, temporalis, medial pterygoid
muscles responsible for open jaw lateral pterygoid
muscle for suction buccinator
__ flexes, bends, turns neck sternocleidomastoid
elevate scapula levator scapulae, upper trapezius
levator scapulae lifts scapula
upper trapezius elvate scapula
depress shoulder pec minor
pec minor depress shoulder
retract shoulder middle trapezius, rhomboids
middle trapezius retract shoulder
rhomboids retract shoulder
adduction of arm pec major, latissimus dorsi
pec major adduction of arm
latissimus dorsi adductuion of arm
abduction of arm deltoid
raise arm horizontally SITS
deltoid abduction of arm
SITS raise arm horizontaly
flexion of forearm bicep, brachialis, brachioradialis
supination of forearm bicep, brachialis, brachioradialis
extension of forearm triceps
3 regions in hand thenar(thum), hypothenar(pinky), central
abduction of thigh gluteus minimus, medius
extension of leg gluteus maximus
gluteus minimus, medius abduction of thigh
which of gluteus minimus, medius, maximus important for walking and its function medius, minimus, keep pelvis leveled
adduction of leg illiopsoas, adductor muscle group
flexor of femor illipsoas, adductor muscle group
illiopsoas adduction, flexion of leg
adductior muscle group adduction, flexion of leg
ext @ knee, flex @ hip quadriceps (vastus lateralis, medialis, rectus femoris)
flex @ knee, ext @ hip hamstrings (semitendonous, semimembranous, biceps femoris)
plantar flex gastrocenemious, soleous, calcaneal tendon
gastrocnemius plantar flex
soleus plantar flex
dorsiflex tibialis anterior, extensor hallucis longus
tibialis anterior dorsiflex
flexion of wrist flexor carpi radialis, flexor carpi ulnaris, plmaris longus
extension of wrist extensor carpi radialis, ext carpi ulnaris, ext carpi brevis
Created by: honghee