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Female Reproductive Worksheet

How many ovaries/oopher? Two
Where are the ovaries located? One on each side of the uterus, in the pelvic cavity
What does the ovary contain? Immature eggs
In which structure does the ova (sex cell) mature? graafian follical
What is the name for the immature sac? graafian follical
What is the name of the mature sac? corpus luteum
Which structure secretes estrogen? graafian follical
Which structure secretes progesterone? corpus luteum
What is the difference between ova/sperm and other body cells each ova and sperm has 23 single chromosomes equaling 23 pairs
Where does fertilization occur? In the Fallopian Tubes
What structure keeps the ovaries in their normal position? They are held in place by the Broad Ligaments.
What is the term for "Organ of Embryonic Development"? Uterus
Which structure produces sperm? Testes (orchids)
What is the major function of Progesterone? Thickens Uterine Lining
What is the major function of Estrogen Secondary Sex Characteristic
If fertilization occurs, the egg should travel down from the tube to the uterus in how many days? Five
If fertilization does not occur, what happens to the corpus luteum? shrivels up - goes away
Describe the fallopian tubes and their function egg carrying tubes
Give the term for finger-like extensions of fallopian tubes. Fimbriae
What is the inner layers of the uterus mainly involved in during menustration? endometriosis
What is the name of the structures found near the vaginal opening and assist in lubrication? Bartholin Glands
Describe the vagina. Smooth muscle tube, lays in folds (rugae fold).
Describe gamete male sex cell (ova is the female sex cell)
Describe the shape of the uterus. Pear
What is the highly muscular layer of the Uterus. Broad Ligament
Another name for the Uterus. Organ of Embryonic Development.
Name three sections of the Uterus Fundus, Body, Cervix
What is the location for normal implantation of eggs called? Fundus
What is the mid section of the Uterus called? Body
What is the neck of the Uterus called? Cervix
Medical term for "Uterus" Hyster or Metr
Medical Term for Vagina Colp
Medical Term for tubes `Salpingo
Medical term for perineum Perine
medical term for menses mens
Created by: wenchie040