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LA Vocabulary

Credit Card A card, given out by a bank, that lets you buy things now and pay later.
Imply To say or mean something without expressing it directly.
Isolated Separated from other people or places; set apart.
Frantic Very excited from fear or worry.
Gesture To motion with the hands, head or body to help express an idea or feeling.
Humorus Funny or humorous.
Spacious Having plenty of room or space.
Sweltering Very hot.
Atmosphere The layers of gas that surround the Earth.
Climate The temperature or weather repeating.
Environment The surrondings and conditions that affcet the growth of things.
Contribute To help out or do something.
Policy A rule or statement that you have to follow.
Extinct Died out.
Pollution Anything that dirties the environment.
Recycles Cleaning the up the Earth by reducing, reusing, and recycling.
Disposal The act of throwing away.
Legislature A group of people with the power to make and change laws.
Percent out of, or per, every hundred.
Similar Alike but not exactly the same.
Site A location.
Vehicle Something used to carry things or people from one place to another.
Contaminate Pollute; Make dirty.
Petition A formal request, often presented with signatures of people who support it.
Spacious Having plenty of space.
Contribute to add or give; to aid in bringing about.
Ignore pay no attention to.
Reluctance feeling unwilling.
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