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Stack #182109

The Skeletal System

cervical vertebrae vertebrae or bones of the neck, C1 through C7
coccyx fifth segment of the vertebral column; also called the tailbone
diaphysis main shaftlike portion of a bone
epiphysis the end of a bone
ethmoid bone that lies just behind the nasal bone; forms the base of the skull
fibula more slender of the two lower leg bones and is lateral to the tibia
f(x) fracture
hematopoiesis The normal formation and development of blood cells in the bone (hemat/o: blood, poiesis: formation of)
humerus upper arm bone; it joins the scapula above and the radius and ulna below
intervertebral between vertebrae
kyphosis an abnormal outward curvatue of a portion of the spime, commonly known as humpback or hunchback
lordosis an abnormal inward curvature of a portion of the spine, commony known as swayback
mandibular largest, strongest bone of the faceand is the only movable bone of the skull
mastoiditis inflammation of the mastoid process, which is usually an acute expansion of an infection in the middle ear
maxillary the bones of the upper jaw
metacarpals bones of the hand
metatarsals bones of the foot
orthopedics the branch of medicine concerned with the prevention and correction of disorders of the musculoskeletal system
osteomyelitis a local or generalized infection of the bone and bone marrow, resulting from a bacterial infection that has spread to the bone tissue through the blood
patella the knee bone
phalanges bones of the fingers
scoliosis an abnormal lateral curvature of a portion of the spine
supraclavicular pertaining to the area above the collar bone or clavicle
thoracic consisting of 12 segments, or vertebrae of the spinal column, make up the vertebral bones of the chest
zygomatic form the high part of the cheek and the outer border of the eye orbits
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