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Indigo - Mod

Professionalism - Review Chpt 2

Define the following: A) Health behaviour the things a person does to stay healthy both physical and psychologically
Define the following: B) Health a relative state which one is able to function well, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.
Define the following: C) Wellness A state of physical and emotional well being broadly considered.
Define the following: D) Health beliefs those things a person believes to be true about health, illness, prevention, treatment, and core
Define the following: E) Self-imposed risk peoples understanding of there own susceptibility to illness and the affect of illness or disease prevention and health promotion
Define the following: F) Role function a position in life that carries expectations of responsibilities of appropriate behaviour
Cooperative Work Experience (expectations and responsibilities) the student has the right to believe the employer will provide an experience that reflect: the objectives and expectations out lined int he agreement. The employer has the right to believe the student will be qualified an d abide by workplace rules.
List the 5 dimensions of wellness, and give an example of each. physical - refers to the body's health and functioning; emotional - involves recognizing ones strengths and weaknesses; social - relationships and interactions are part of everyones life; intellectual - involves our ability to determine what is good for
Impact on Canadians, 5 problems facing our health care system shortage of doctors, nurses; limited access to modern medical technology; financial constraints; long wait lists; management of health care resources
List the top 5 causes of morbidity and mortality in Canada today. cardiovascular disease; cancer; disease of the respiratory system or GI system; diabetes
Created by: deyoht_kwa
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