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Medical Terms

Chapter 5 Integumentary System Larry Bovard RTC

abrasion a scraping or rubbing away of skin or mucous membrane as a result of friction to the area
abscess a localized collection of pus in any part of the body
albino an individual with a marked deficiency of pigment in the eyes, hair, and skin
alopecia partial or complete loss of hair. May result from aging, a reaction to a medication, an endocrine disorder, or some skin disease
bedsore an inflammation, sore or ulcer in the skin over a bony prominence of the body, resulting from loss of blood supply and oxygen to the area due to prolonged pressure on the body part
bruise/ecchymosis a bluish-black discoloration of an area of the skin or mucous membrane caused by an escape of blood into the tissues as a result of injury to the area
cellulitis a diffuse, acute infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, characterized by localized heat, deep redness, pain and swelling
contusion an injury to a part of the body without a break in the skin
cyst a closed sac or pouch in or within the skin that contains fluid, semi-fluid, or solid material
debridement removal of debris, foreign objects, and damaged or necrotic tissue from a wound in order to prevent infection and to promote healing
gangrene death of tissue, most often involving extremities
hemangioma a benign (nonmalignant) tumor that consists of a mass of blood vessels and has a reddish-purple color
heparin a natural anticoagulant substance produced by the body tissues, also produced in labs for therapeutic uses
histamine a substance, found in cells that is released in allergic, inflammatory reactions
laceration a tear in the skin
lesion any visible damage to the tissues of the skin, such as a wound, sore, rash or boil
nodule a small circumscribed swelling protruding above the skin
sebaceous cyst a cyst filled with a cheesy material composed of sebum and epithelial debris
ulcer a circumscribed, open sore of the skin that is accompanied by inflammation
whitehead a closed comedo, caused by accumulation of keratin and sebum within the opening of a hair follicle, the contents within are not easily expressed
xanthoderma any yellow coloration of the skin
adip/o pertaining to fat
albin/o white
capit/o head
carcin/o cancer
corpor/o body
caut/o burn
cry/o cold
cutane/o skin
dermat/o skin
hyper excessive
kerat/o cornea
lip/o fat
ped/o foot
scler/o hard
trich/o hair
xanth/o yellow
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