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Carnegie Hem Bl comp

hematology blood composition and WBC

what are the components of the cellular portion of the blood? Erythrocyte 5 million leukocytes 5000 from both sites 140,000 to 400,000 in each cubic
what are the components of the fluid portion of the blood? Water 91.5%
how would blood settle in an anticoagulated tube from top to bottom? plasma, buffy coat, erythrocytes
what is the difference between serum and plasma? Serum is plasma with fibrinogen and clotting factors removed
what anti-coagulant is in a lavender to? And what is it used for? EDTA, heem studies
what anti-coagulant is in a gold tube and what is it primarily used for? None, yields serum, chemistry
what anti-coagulant is in a blue top to and what is it primarily used for? Sodium citrate, PT, PTT coagulation studies
what two samples are unacceptable for hematology study? hemolyzed and clotted
what is leukocytosis? WBC count above normal
what causes leukocytosis? bone marrow stimulated by bacteria or foreign particles example pollen, moldor acute bacterial infections such as pneumonia appendicitis
what is leukopenia? WBC count below normal
what causes leukopenia? Viral infections, influenza certain chemicals
what are the normal values for an adult WBC? 4000 to 11000 WPC per millimeter cubed
what is an example of a critical WBC count value? Less than 2000 or more than 50,000
how is the operation of automated cell counters classified? Moderately complex by CLIA
what tests make upa complete routine CBC? red blood cell count; WBC; hemoglobin; hematocrit; differential WBC count; estimation of platelet number; red cell indices
explain red blood cell count number of red blood cells
explain white blood cell count number of white blood cells
explain hemoglobin the protein inside the RBC that carries oxygen
explain hematocrit percent packed red cell volume
explain differentialWBC count % of each type of WBC
explain estimation of platelet number platelets observed for approximate number and any abnormalities
explain red cell indices info to determine RBC disorders
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