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magna carta signed by king john and limited the power of the monarch in England
no absolute power, must have parliaments approval, no cruel and unusual punishments english bill of rights limits
virginia house of burgesses first government assembly in the colonies
fundamental orders of connecticut first written constitution in the colonies
george III king of england during the american revolution
stamp act tax on all paper items
embargo prohibiting trade with a nation
lexington and concord first two battles of the american revolution
declaration of independence drafted by thomas jefferson
thomas paine common sense was written by
general charles cornwallis in charge of Great Britains military
treaty of paris 1783 us was now recognized as free and independent
weak central government, loose union of states articles of confederation had a
northwest ordinance when population reached 60,000, a territory could apply for statehood
cede to yield
recession economic slowdown
inflation loss of value of money
shays rebellion massachusetts raised taxes instead of issuing paper money and farmers got mad about it
daniel shay led the farmers that rebelled against raised taxes in massachusetts
alexander hamilton called for convention to revise articles of confederation
george washington presiding officer
james madison record keeper, best source of info
virginia plan congress had two houses, both based on population
new jersey plan congress had one house with equal representatives
great compromise congress would have two houses, one based on population, the other on equal representation
house of representatives based on population
senate equal representation
three-fifths compromise 5 slaves = 3 free people
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