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Cytokines - Immuno

Table 11.1 from Immunology a short course; Benjamin 2003

Cytokineproduced byMajor functions
IL-1 Monocytes; many other cell types Produces fever; stimulates acute-phae protein synthesis; promotes prolif of Th2 cells
IL-2 Th0 and Th1 T cell growth factor
IL-3 Th cells; NK cells, Mast cells GF for hematopoietic cells
IL-4 Th2; CD4 +Tcells; mast cells GF B cells, Th2 CD4+Tcells; promotes IgE an IgG synthesis; inhibits Th1 CD4+Tcells
IL-5 Th2; mast stimulates B cell growth and immunoglobulin secretion; growth and differentiation factor eosinophils
IL-6 T cells ; many other Induces acute-phase protein synthesis, T cell activation and IL-2 production;timulates B cell immunoglobulin roduation and hematopoietic progenitor cell growth
Il-7 Boe Marrow; tymic stromal cells; some T cells Growth factor for pre-T and pre-B cells
IL-9 T cells Mast cell activation
IL-10 Th2 cells; macrophages Inhibits production of Th1 cells adn macrophage function
IL-11 Fibroblasts Stimulates megakaryocyte growth
IL-12 B cells and macrophages Activeates NK cells and promotes generation fo Th1 CD4+T cells
IL-13 T cells Shares characteristics with IL-4 but does not effect T cells; GF for human B cells
IL-14 T cells Involved in teh dvelopment of memory B cells
IL-15 T cells and epithelial cells T cell GF; similar to IL-2
IL-16 T cells, eosinophils, mast cells Chemotactic for T cells; proinflammatory
IL-17 T cells Induces proinflammatory cytoking secretion; promotes hematopoietic progenitor cell differentions
IL-18 Mphages; mcytes; dendritic cells; +++ Induces IFN gamma production; enhances NK cell lytic activity
IFN gamma Th1 cells Actives NK cells and macrophages; inhibits Th2 CD4+; induces expression of MHC class II on many cell types
TGF beta Lymphs, macs, platelets; masts Enhances production of IgA; inhibits activation of monocte and T-cell subsets; active in fibroblast growth and wound healing
TNF alpha Macs, masts Involved in inflammatory resonses; activates endothelial cell and other cell fo immune and nonimmune systems; induces fever and septic shock
TNF-beta T Involved in inflammatory responses; also plays a role in killing target cells by cytotoxic CD8+ T cells
GM-CSF T, mono Promotes growth of granulocytes and macrophages; growth of dendritic cells in vitro
M-CSF T, mono Promotes macrophage growth
G-CSF T, mono promotes granulocyte growth
Created by: sugars4g