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Renal Pharmocology

Stack #181367

What dose Thiazide have sensitivity to ? Sulfonamides
When you give IV thiazied diuretic it should only be given in or if pt cant take it po EMERGENCIES ONLY
People with sytemic lupuis or HYPERCHOLESTEROLEMIA should take precautions if on this type of diuretic Thiazide Diuretic
Thiazide may cause what ? Decrease K+, Na+, Mg+
Thiazide may increase what ? Glucose
Triglycerides and Cholestorol levels may increase when on this diuretic Thiazide
What are one of the most common adverse reaction when on this thiazide? Restlessness
This toxicity may occur when on Thiazide Lithium Toxicity
Thiazide mix with K+ & Digoxin may cause what? Digtoxicity
thiazide w/ anti-hpertensive may cause Hypotension
Hypokalemia can occur when on this diuretic Thiazide
Drowsiness , Paraestesia , Muscle Cramp, Hyporeflexia These are reaction of Thiazide diuretic
When on thiazide you may require what type of supplement? K+ / or they can get it by eatting food high in K+
Bumex is the most potent
Lasix ( furosemide) Loop Diuretic
Demade ( Torsemide) Loop Diuretic
Loop diuretics have the highest Highest Potential for (ADR) Adverse Drug Reaction
Loop Diuretics have the higest Potential electrolyte
This diuretic can cause Severe Uncorrected Electrolytes Depletion Loop Diuretic
Elderly, Pregnant Women, Hepatic Cirrhosis, Ascites, Sytemic Lupus, Cautiuosly Use Loop Diuretic
Transient deafness, Tinnitis, ABD Pain, Impaied Glucose Tolerance, Paresthesia, Photosensitivity, Orthostatic Hypotension are reactions of Loop Diuretic
Fluid and Electrolyte, Imbalance are reaction of Loop Diuretics
Lithium Toxicity Loop Diuretic
Loop Diutetic w/ Digtoxity may cause Hypokalemia
Loop Diuretic w/ Aminoglycosides may cause ototoxicity
Anti-coagulantsw/ Loop Diuretics may cause Increase in there effects
This Diuretic may cause this? Hypokalemia
Why would you administer a Loop Diuretic IV SLOWLY 1-2min, This will prevent what Tinnitis
When you give lasix IM you use what method Z-Track
When on Loop Diuretic you may have s/s of Dehydration
Hypovolemia may occur when on this Diuretic Loop Diuretic
May have an increase heart rate Loop Diuretic
May decrease blood pressure Loop Diuretic
Monitor I&O when on this Diuretic Loop Diuretic
Must give meds with Foo/Milk Loop Diuretic
Midamor ( Amiloride ) K+ Sparing Diuretic
Aldactone ( Spironlactone ) K+ Sparing Diuretic
Dyrenium ( triamterene ) K+ Sparing Diuretic
Midamor ( Amiloride ) Dose not Metabolized
Primarly used to conserve K+ or Enhance the effect of K+ Sparing Diuretics
Aldactone are prescribed for Hyperaldasteronism , Cirrhosis followed by edema, ascetes, nephrotic syndrome, hypokalemia
K+ 5.5 meq/l are found in K+ Sparing Diuretics
K+ Sparing Diuretics you should have exterm caution on pt w/ DM
pt should be aware that K+ Sparing Diuretics they may be at risk for Metobolic, Respitory Acidosis, Renal / Hepatic impairment
K+ Sparing Diuretics may be used to treat Iodioathic edema, Hrt Failure, Hepatice cirrhosis, Nephrotic syndrome, Steroid use
K+ Sparing Diuretic may increase what labs? BUN ,K+
K+ Sparing Diuretics May cause what side effects? N/V , Diarrhea, Anorexia, ABD Pain, Muscle Cramping , H/A , Dizziness
Ace inhibitors interact with K+ Sparing Diuretic
K+ supplements may interact w/ ACE Inhibitors
K+ Sparing Diuretics used w/ Aldactone & Digoxin will Increase the risk for Digtoxicity
Salicylate may decrease Aldactone effects
Hyperkalemia is a side effect of what diuretic? K+ Sparing Diuretic
No etoh and possible dietery restrictions when on this diuretic K+ Sparing Diuretic
I/O & Weight may be monitor when on K+ Sparing Diuretic
Confusion , Hyperexcitability, Muscle Weakness, Flaccid Paralysis, Arrhythmia, abd destention Are S/S of Hyperkalemia (K+ Sparing Diuretics)
No Na+ Substitutions, or K+ Rich Foods when on K+ Sparing Diuretic
Avoid driving , when on K+ Sparing Diuretics may cause dizziness, H/A, Visual Disturbance
Ismotic ( Isosorbide ) Osmotic Diuretic
Osmitrol ( Mannitol) Osmotic Diuretic
Osmoglyn ( Glycerin ) Osmotic Diuretic
Ureaphi ( Urea) Osmotic Diuretic
Osmotic Diuretic is used for Cerebral Edema, Reduce iccp , also Intraoccular pressure
Mannitol promotes duresis in ARF
promotes unrinary excretions fo toxic Mannitol
Glycerin & Isosorbide are used for Acute Attacks of Glaucoma
This diuretic pulls water in the colon Osmotic Diuretic
if unable to urinate then this may be used Osmotic Diuretic
Frank/Impending Acute Pulmonary Edema you may occur with the use of Osmotic Diuretic
Anuria / Sever renal disease / Sever Pulmonary Congestion / dysfunction of the real system after the uses of this med Mannitol Therapy
Urea(Ureaphi) may increase Renal Excretion fo lithium there for may decrease effects of lithium
Confusion , Disorientation, Light headedness, Dizziness, Syncope, Vertigo, Hyponatrmia, Circulatory overlaod Osmotic Diuretic
Thrombophlebitis may occur when you are on this diuretic Osmotic Diuretic
Chest pain , Blurred vison, Rhinitis, Urinary Retention are causd by what diuretic Mannitol
Fluid overlaod , Increase Urine caused by what diuretic Osmotic Diuretic
Circulatory Overlaod, Fluid Volume Depletion are monitored when on Osmotic Diuretic
Diamox ( Acetazdamide ) Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
Darande ( Dichlorphenamide ) Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
Glauctabs ( Methazolamide ) Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
Check electrolytes when on this diuretic Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
Decrease pressure in the eyes this diuretic is used Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
Used for Glaucoma Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
Diamox used to treat Epilepsy , Acute Mountian sickness
Decrease Na+ , K+ when on this Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
Precaution is need when a patient has this disorder Adrenocortical Insufficiency Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors is rarely used to treat Hrt failure Secondary to metabolic acidosis
hepatic coma caused by Methazolamid
sensitivity to Sulfonamides Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors & Asprin
Metabolic acidosis , electrolyte imbalance, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Photosensitivity Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
Increase Inraocular pressure Difluisal
Acetazolamide ised w/ Cyclosporine may increase Cyclosporine levels and you may be at risk for Neurotoxicity
Acetazolamide used w/ Primidone may decrease Serum and urine levels of Primidon
Avoid sunlight when on this med Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
used to prevent Hypokalemia Potassium Supplement
Never Crush or Chew Potassium Supplement
Cardia Problems when to much of this is used Potassium Supplement
Max dose for Potassium Supplement 40meq give po 1 x doses staggered by several HRS
Give 10meq / he diluted in 50ml of saline if in this form KCL
Never give IV Push Potassium Supplement
Hypokalemia which causes Dig To be absorbed may cuse ditoxity Potassium Supplement
Olgiuria, Anuria, Heart Cramps , Renal imparment caused by Potassium Supplement
Interact w/ K+ Spaing Diuretic, Ace Inhibitors, Sal Subsitutes, Potassium Salts Potassium Supplement
Hypotension, EKG Changes , Restlessness, Heaviness of legs Potassium Supplement
Arrythmia , Cardiac arrest , Respitory, Paralysis may be S/S of toxicity from this med Potassium Supplement
Loop Diuretics & Thiazided are given then give Potassium Supplement
Potassium should not be given immediately Postoperativly untill urine flow is established
Acts as Bacteriostatic ( inhibits growth of bacteria ) Anti- Infectives
Complete all medication as ordered Anti- Infectives
Oral supplement may stain teeth Anti- Infectives
Complete all medication for urinary tract infection & bladder infection Anti- Infectives
Anti- Infectives you should check Hepatic function, Renal Function
Methenamin ( Hiprex,Mandelamine) Anti- Infectives
Nitrofuranton ( Macrodantin ) Anti- Infectives
Trimethoprim ( Proloprim) Anti- Infectives
Sulfisoxazole Anti- Infectives
Phenazopyridine ( AZO-Gastrisn) Anti- Infectives
Also used for Anti- Infectives Bactrium , cipro
May cause sever dehydration Anti- Infectives
May cause SZ disorder Anti- Infectives
May Increase Liver Enzymes Anti- Infectives
May cause a false positive on a glucose test Anti- Infectives
May cause gi bleed, and Diarrhea Anti- Infectives
Antispasmotics relaxes smooth muscle of the Urinary Tract
Tolterodine tartrate ( Detrol ) Antispasmotics
Oxybutynin chloride ( Ditropan) Antispasmotics
Antispasmotics may cause hypersensitivity to Anticholinergics
May cause obstructive Breathing , Obstructive GI Disease Antispasmotics
what are the side effectsfor Antispasmotics Excitment
when on Antispasmotics you should monitor CNS Manifestation / don't Chew pills
When on Cholinergics / Anti-Retention it may cause GU/GI Smooth Muscle to Contract
Bethnechol ( Urecholine) Cholinergics / Anti-Retention
Hypotenstion may occur when the use of Colinerigics and Cholinergics / Anti-Retention are used
Cholinergics / Anti-Retention may cause the lung to constrict so do not take if you are ashmatic
This may cause urinary strictures when on Bethanechol
Cholinergics / Anti-Retention may also cause ABD Pain/ Cramping
When on Cholinergics / Anti-Retention the patiet should rise Slow
This is used to relive pain with UTI/Irritation Pyridium ( Phenazopyridine)
Pyridium ( Phenazopyridine) Change your cloths Red/Orange
When Pyridium ( Phenazopyridine) is used with antibiotic you must d/c afer 2 days of use
S/S of Urinary anlgesics H/A , Vertigo
Urinary anlgesics (Pyridium) May turn sclera yellow
If a patient had a UTI they should maintaint good hygeins
Urinary anlgesics may not be effective untill 24-48hrs
Duxazosin ( Cardura) BPH Medication
Tamsulosin (Flomax) BPH Medication
Terazosin ( Hytrin) BPH Medication
Finasterido ( Proscar) BPH Medication
BPH Medication May interact w/ Warafin
BPH Medication may cause Impotence, Decrease ejaculation, Decrease labido
BPH Medication S/S Hypotension , Nervousness, Diarrhea, Nausea
BPH Medication adverse affects are Hypotensiton, Shock, Arrythmia
BPH Medication ( warafarin) also known as also know as rat posion
Anicoagulation is a Warafarin
May decrease blood pressure BPH Medication
Moitor urine Volume when on BPH Medication
BPH Medication The patient should avoid dring 12-24hrs when on
Pregnant women should stay clear of this med may cause birth defects BPH Medication
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