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SI Quizzes 1 & 2

UALR- A&P I- Greg Barnes

What is the smallest basic unit of an organism? Cell
What cavities make up the trunk? Thoracic and abdominal.
What is water required for? EVERYTHING
Why is pressure needed? To supply the force necessary to deliver essential nutrients throughout the whole body.
What are the 3 parts of homeostatic mechanisms? Receptors, Control Center, Effectors
What are the 3 parts of homeostatic mechanisms necessary for? Stabilization and that everything within our bodies is in the right environment to function properly.
What are the two main divisions of the human body? Axial and Appendicular
The chest is __________ to the shoulder blades. Inferior
The hips are __________ to the chin. Inferior
The ovaries are __________. Bilateral
The thumb is __________ to the 5th didget. Lateral
The forearm is _________ to the arm. Distal
The thigh is _________ to the leg. Proximal
The hamstrings are ________ to the nose. Posterior
Discribe the anatomical position: Standing upright, facing forward, upper limbs at the side, palms facing out.
A _________ plane divides the body into anterior and posterior halves. Coronal
To obtain superiro and inferior sections of the body you would use a __________ plane. Transverse
The muscle is _________ to the bone. Superficial
The didgets are _________ to the elbow. Distal
A _________ plane divides the body into left and right halves. Sagittal
The spleen is _________ as it is found on the left side. Unilateral
The bone is _________ to the skin. Deep
The knee is ________ to the great toe. Superior
The ovaries are ___________ since they are found on both sides of the body. Bilateral
The mouth is __________ to the shoulders. Superior
The chin is __________ to the chest. Superior
The chest is _________ to the spinal chord. Anterior
The apex of the heart is to the left of the ___________. Midline
The heels are ___________ to the tailbone. Inferior
The shoulders are ___________ to the heart Lateral
The spinal column is __________ to the lungs. Medial
_________ helps control the rate of metabolic reactions. Homeostasis
__________ provide information about the stimuli. Receptors
Pressure is necessary for __________ and _________. Breathing and Blood Flow
Created by: RLippig