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Stack #181175

renin produced in kidney, increases blood pressure
urinary system regulates pH by excretion of H+
kidney in front of or behind peritoneum behind. (reteroperitoneum)
left kidney located between __ ribs T12-L2
right kidney located between _ ribs L1-L3
renal fascia connective tissue which wraps around kidney and adrenal gland separately.
___ absorb shock for protection of kidney perirenal fat
lobe of a kidney medulla, cortex, 1/2 renal columns
lobule space between adjacent interlobular arteries
different nephrons converge at collecting tubule
__ and __ not pass through filters in renal corpuscle protein and RBC
glomeruous fed by ___, drained by__ arteriole (interlobular), arteriole
macrophages that keep filters clean called mesangial cells.
in bowman's space __ is found filterate
How blood filtered? 1. fused basal lamina 2. fenestrated endothelial 3. podocytes (visceral layer of glomerular)
what is filteration diaphragm thin structure between filteration slits
proximal convoluted tubule has __ cells epithelial, simple cuboidal.
water reabsorption in loop of henle mainly occurs in __ and its caused by thin descending, thin ascending, concentrated interstitial fluid generated by active transporters (pump out Na, Cl) at the thick ascending limb.
___ becomes afferent arteriole interlobular artery
___ in ___ monitors electrolyte concentration in the tubular fluid. it also __ macula densa, distal convoluted tubule, stimulate juxtaglomerular cells
juxtaglomerular cells present in , secrete ___ smooth muscle of afferent arteriole, renin
JGA is mascula densa + juxtaglomerular cells
JGA function increase filteration rate, raise BP, in response to conc't urine.
Ureter histology: transitional epithelium, lamina propria, smooth muscle, connective tissue (note lacks submucosal layer)
__ of ureter responsible of contraction (peristalsis) of the tube, and it results in _ smooth muscle, milk urine of renal pelvis into the urinary bladder.
sites of urinary constriction 1. ureteropelvic junction 2. crossing of the iliac vessel 3. ureterovesical junction
___ epitithelium of ureter allow __ transitional epithelium, strectching of ureter.
Urinary bladder histology : transitional epith, lamina propria, submucosa, detrusor muscle. (typical)
___ of bladder allows discharge of urine from the bladder internal urethral sphincter.
urethra histology: stratified squamous epithelium, lamina propria, smooth muscle.
aldosterone, ADH effects increase BP by increasing water, Na+ retention. secretes K+ out to the urinary tract.
aldosterone effects which region distal convoluted tubule
ADH effects which region collecting tubule and ducts.
each lobe dumps urine into ___ which then takes urine to __ eventually to __ renal papilla, calyx, pelvis
renal artery/vein gives a rise to segmental artery/vein
__ forms the visceral layer of renal corpus. podocyte
__ forms the parietal layer of renal corpuscle bowman's capsule
__ controls movement of urine out of urinary bladder internal urethral sphincter
__ controls movement of urine out of urethra external urethral sphincter
urethra has __ as epithelium stratified squamous
thin ascending/descending tube of loop of Henle has __ epithelium simple squamous
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