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Industrial Rev.

causes-effects-labor conditions-ideology

One change in food production that made the Industrial Revolution possible was the revolution in agriculture
This change in agricultural practices that made a labor source available was the Enclosure movement
The new economic theory that emphasized private property, and profits and helped lead to the Industrial Revolution was capitalism
New technologies in manufacturing allowed workers to produce much more with the same or less labor. This is an improvement in productivity
During the Industrial Revolution, human and animal power were replaced by Water and steam power
Steam power was put to use in transportation by steam locomotives and steam ships
During the Second Industrial Revolution (1870-1914) power for industry changed from mostly steam to Hydroelectric power
What invention made work and leisure independent of the natural light-dark daily cycle? electric lights
New lighting technology allowed factories to operate 24 hours a day
During the Second Industrial Revolution, the new technology that had the most impact on the daily lives of people was the internal combustion engine
Huge increases in volume and large drops in the costs of goods produced by industry during the Second Industrial Revolution were the result of mass production
The practice of having each worker specialize in only one small part of a larger job is called division of labor
The increased speed of production from the use of assembly lines was only made possible because parts were interchangeable
In countries where the Industrial Revolution took hold, the Increased availability of food and better medical care caused the population to increase
The Industrial Revolution caused a migration of people from farms to cities leading to new and larger cities. This is called urbanization
Urbanization led to the creation of crowded, unsanitary, unhealthy living areas called slums
Good jobs in industry for managers, clerks and other business professionals led to the creation of the middle class
The development of the middle class allowed for new activities, such as vacations and sports teams, because of their extra money and leisure time
Workers who tried to stop the changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution were called Luddites
The Industrial Revolution began in _______________ around 1760. Britain
The production of steel was made faster and cheaper by the Bessemer Process
The working conditions during Industrial Revolution were unhealthy and dangerous because of the greed of bosses and the lack of government regulations
The modern political party that wants to remove most government regulations on businesses that helped better the conditions of labor is the Republican Party
Who had control over the time and conditions of work before the Industrial Revolution? workers
Who had control over the time and conditions of labor after the Industrial Revolution? owners of businesses
Where possible, business owners used child labor because they could be paid less
A dangerous, dirty job that had to be performed in each house and was commonly performed by children during the early part of the Industrial Revolution was chimney sweep
The Industrial Revolution caused the average income in Britain to increase
When workers join together and form a group to negotiate with their bosses they have formed a union
Businesses where, by agreement, all workers have to join the union is called a Union-only shop
In the US, working conditions only improved when the government became involved after the Triangle Fire
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