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Stack #180988

Integumentary System: Test 1

abrasion a scraping or rubbing away of skin
abscess pus in any body part
actinic keratosis premalignant, gray or red to brown, hardened lesion caused by excessive exposure to sunlight
albinism white condition; absence of pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes
alopecia partial or complete loss of hair
bulla a large blister
cellulitis acute infection; characterized by localized heat, deep redness, pain, and swelling
cerumen ear wax
cicatrix a scar
comedo typical lesion of acne vulgaris
contusion an injury to a part of the body without a break in the skin
curettage process of scraping material from the wall of a cavity; removing abdnormal tissue or unwanted material
cyanosis bluish discoloration of the skin
debridement removal of debris, foreign objects, and damaged tissue from a wound
dermatoplasty skin transplantation to a body surface damaged by injury or disease
eczema chronic inflammatory skin condition
erythema redness of skin due to capillary dilatation; nervous blushing or mild sunburn
furuncle pus producing infection in a hair follicle; a boil
ichthyosis inheritied dermatological condition in which the skin is dry, hardened, and fish like
impetigo contagious superficial skin infection
keloid an enlarged, irregular shaped and elevated scar that forms due to large amounts of collagen
malignant melanoma black/dark tumor
petechia small pinpoint hemorrhages of the skin
verruca a boil
xanthoderma any yellow coloration of the skin
Created by: krm602