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Pastry 4B (CSCA

Choux and Viennoiserie/Commercial Baking

MEASUREMENT Ingredients are weighed rather than being measure by volume. Three exceptions to the rule are water, milk, and eggs. These may sometimes be measured by volume.
GELATINIZATION OF STARCHES Process in which the starches absorb moisture, expand and become firm. This process beings at approximately 150˚F.
COAGULATION OF PROTEINS Gluten and egg proteins coagulate and solidify giving the produce shape and structure. This begins at an internal temperature of approximately 165˚F.
EVAPORATION OF WATER Water turns into steam and escapes during the baking process. One pound of finished bread requires approximately 18 ounces of dough.
FORMULA Name given to a recipe in a commercial bakeshop.
DOCK To poke the dough with holes to allow steam to escape and prevent bubbles.
# Sign meaning “pound” as in 5# of dough or 6# of flour.
SHEET PAN Also know as sheeters. Do not call them cookie sheets.
SCALING Process of weighing out the ingredients.
PAN OUT Process of placing the product on the sheet pans.
DISHER This is an ice cream scoop. Used to pan out batters to keep a uniform size.
HOTEL PAN These are the ¼, ½, and full size metal pans that are used to hold dough or batter until it can be panned out.
STALING Process in which baked goods begin to undergo starch retrogradation and eventually become stale.
BAKER’S PERCENTAGE {(Total weight of ingredient)/(Total weight of flour)} * 100% = % of ingredient.
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