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English 2

rebirth renaissance means
italy where did the renaissance start
14th century the renaissance period
geography and politics two reasons that kept the renaissance from getting to england
British civil war war of the roses
yorks and lancasters war of the roses was between
white yorks had ________ roses
red lancasters had _________ roses
lancasters who won the war of the roses
henry VII first king
changed name to Tudor dynasty, changed flower to tudor rose, and married Richard's daughter what three things did henry VII do to bring the yorks and lancasters together
Arthur, Henry, and some daughters henry VII and his wife's children
Catherine of Aragon Spanish princess Arthur engaged to marry ______ at age 2 and marry at 15
Arthur Prince of Wales
6 months arthur dies _____ after marriage
henry VIII becomes prince of wales after arthur dies
Catherine of Aragon Catholic Mary divorced Henry VIII's first wife
Anne Boleyn Protestant Elizabeth beheaded Henry VIII's second wife
Jane Seymour Protestant Edward died during labor Henry VIII's third wife
Anne of Cleaves Protestant no children divorced Henry VIII's fourth wife
Catherine Howard Protestant no children beheaded Henry VIII's fifth wife
Catherine Parr Protestant no children he dies Henry VIII's sixth wife
9 years old Edward was _ when he became king
edwards advisor john dudley
edward VI assumed to marry Lady Jane Grey
Gilford dudley marries lady jane grey
9 days lady jane rules for how long
mary I arrests Lady Jane and Gilford
phillip of spain becomes king phillip II
mary I granddaughter of king ferdinand and queen isabella
gilford hanged and lady jane beheaded for treason how did mary kill gilford and lady jane
over 300 mary burned ________ protestants alive
mary I thought to be pregnant but actually had ovarian cancer
elizabeth I allowed people to decide their own religion
elizabeth I never gets married
elizabeth I England becomes the strongest country in the world during her reign
sea dogs would steal gold from spanish gallions and sink the rest
invincible armada phillip II sent this spanish fleet to stop the queen
a tornado defeated them (God was on their side) how did england win against the spanish armada
good queen bess, glorianna, virgin queen nicknames for elizabeth I
public execution, bull-baiting, theatre types of entertainment
liberties suburbs across the river from london
king james VI of scorland becomes king after elizabeth I dies
stuart dynasty james VI is part of the _______ dynasty
king james vi has the bible translated to english
psalm 46 shakespears psalm
money shakespeare wrote for
john shakespeare and mary arden shakespears parents
holy trinity church shakespeare baptized here
Created by: pace_sauce