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Medical Terminology

Chapter 4 Integumentary System

adip/o fat
capit/o head
chrom/o color
chym/o juice
cyst/o bladder
derm/o, dermat/o skin
erythmat/o red
hidr/o sweat
icthyl/o fishlike
kerat/o hard, horny
myc/o fungus
onych/o nail
pedicul/o lice
phe/o dark
poli/o gray
trich/o hair
epi- above, upon
eu- healthy, normal
is- structure
-crine to secrete
-cyte cell
-ferous pertaining to carrying
-itis inflammation
-lysis breakdown, dissolve
-malacia softening
-trophy process of nourishment
excisional biopsy entire tumor may be removed
incisional biopsy larger tissue samples obtained thru excision
needle aspiration aspiration of fluid from lesions to obtain samples
punch biopsy tubular punch is inserted through to the subcutaneous tissue
Mantoux Test test for TB
allograft graft from another human
autograft graft from one's own skin
homograft another word for allograft
xenograft graft from another species (pig)
full thickness graft graft in which full portions of both epidermis and dermis are used
split thickness graft graft in which epidermis and parts of dermis are used
flap section of skin transferred from one location to an immediately adjacent one (skin graft)
debridement first step in wound treatment, removal of dirt, foreign bodies
I&D incision and drainage; cutting open and removing contents of a wound, cyst, or lesion
cyst nodule filled with a semisolid material
ecchymosis hemorrhage of blood into the subcutaneous tissue (bruise)
hematoma collection of blood trapped in the tissues
macule flat blemish or discoloration less than 1cm
nodule solid lesion less than 2cm
papule raised, solid skin lesion less than 1cm
pustule superficial, elevated lesion containing pus (acne)
vesicle, wheal bite
cicatrix scar
fissure crack-like lesion of the skin
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