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endocrine system plays vital role in maintaining homeostasis, a stable internal body environment
target organs hormones travel through the blood to go here
hypersecretion gland releases too much hormones
adenocarcinoma cancerous tumor in gland
adenomalacia softening of gland
adrenal cortex and adrenal medulla adrenal divided into two parts
estrogen and testosterone sex hormones
glucose primary sugar used by body
hyperglycemia blood condition of excessive sugar
orchiopexy surgical fixation of testes
ovariorrhexis ruptured ovary
pancreas secretes insulin and glucagon
pancreatitis pancreas inflammation
parathyroid hormone raise blood levels of calcium
melatonin regulates circadian rhythm
pituitary gland master gland
hypopituitarosis condition of insufficient pituitary gland
polydipsia too much thirst
polyuria condition of too much urine
thymosin important for immune system's development
thymoma thymus gland tumor
thyromeglay enlargement thyoid gland
acromegaly excessive growth hormones
adrenal virilism in females as result of increased testosterone secretion
blood serum test blood test substance of endocrine gland
cretinism results in poor physical and mental development
cushing syndrome resulting from hypersecretion of adrenal cortex
diabetes insipidus insufficient antidiuretic hormone
diabetes tow forms of diabetes
NIDDM type 2
exophthalmos balging eye balls
dwarfism result from lack of growth hormones
gigantism excessive growth in height
GTT test for initial diagnosis of diabetes
goiter enlargement of the thyroid gland
hashimoto disease autoimmune form of thyroiditis
HRT pill, injection, or adhesive skin patch form
IDDM patient must take insulin injection
myxedema puffy face and dry skin
RAIU test thyoid function
tetany nerve irritability and painful muscle cramps
thyrotoxicosis extreme hypersecretion of thyroid hormones
Na sodium
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