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2nd yr history - plantations

What queen organised Laois Offaly plantation Mary
What queen organised Munster plantation Elizabeth
What religion did england want to spread to ireland Protestantism
2 countries england wanted to stop from setting up a base in ireland Spain and france
Who won the battle of yellow ford Nissan
Name of the area england ruled in and around dublin and North leinster Pale
Name of the English system of law Common law
Was Laois Offaly a success or a failure Failure
Why did laois Offaly fail Not enough settlers came over from england
Name the system where irish lords gave land and loyalty to king in return for a title and their land back? Surrender and regrant
Name of guy who received land in plantation and agreed to follow rules Undertaker
The estates in Munster were too big/small to manage? Too big
A famous planter had to try manage 42000 acres. Name him Sir Walter Raleigh
Name the big town in kerry beginning with a k that was set up in Munster plantation Killarney
Name the 3 armies in battle of kinsale England, Spain and irish
Name the event where Irish leaders left for europe to get help Flight of the earls
How many counties did the England take over in Ulster plantation Six
What did the English call derry Londonderry
What group took control of derry London trade guilds
Omagh and Belfast were new towns in what plantation Ulster
Royalists and parliamentarians were fighting in what war? English civil war
Cromwell sent irish settlers west of what river? Shannon
What was the first town that Cromwell massacred people in after they had surrendered Drogheda
Cromwell sent 50000 irish to work on what type of plantations in Caribbean? Sugar
After plantations, what religion had all the power? Protestants
Name for the Protestants who had all the power. Two words. P A Protestant ascendancy
Created by: iliketibet