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2w051 set b volume 3

Which type of guidance system is also known as TELEVISION GUIDED? Electro-optical
Which type of guidance system is so successful it is used on air-to-ground missiles and general-purpose (GP) guided bombs? Television
Which type of guidance system is nothing more than very high frequency radio waves? Radar
In which type of guidance system does the weapon send out the tracking energy? Active
In which type of guidance system does the weapon send out the tracking energy? Semi-active
What system is actually the brain of precision-guided munitions (PGM)? Guidance
The purpose of the fixed control surfaces used on guided munitions is to.. Stabilize the weapon while in flight
The purpose of the movable control surfaces used on guided munitions is to... Steer the weapon to the target
To move their control surfaces, precision guided munitions (PGM) use either hydraulic, pneumatic, or.. Electro-servo actuators
The proximity fuze detonation occurs when... The missile senses the target moving farther away
What type of rocket motor propellant is used in air to air missiles? Solid
Live missiles must always have a ground wire attached to them to prevent static electricity from... Igniting their rocket motors. Note: Rocket motors can be abbr. R/M
What are the minimum components of a propulsion system? R/M and R/M igniter
What warhead does the GBU-12 laser guided bomb use? Notes: GBU stands for guided bomb unit Laser Guided Bombs can be abbr. LGB MK82
The MAU-169 series computer control group consists of a detector,... Note: computer control group can be abbr. CCG Computer, and control system
What air foil group component mounts the CCG to the warhead? Note: air foil group can be abbr. AFG Foward adapter assembly
What does the seeker platform assembly do in the WGU-12/WGU-39 series guidance control unit? Note: guidance control unit can be abbr. GCU "Looks" fo the reflected laser light signal
The purpose of the BSU-84/B air foil group is to.. Provide aerodynamic lift and stability during flight
The purpose of the AFt faring assembly used on the GBU-24 A/B is to.. Provide an aerodynamic interface between the bomb and wing assembly
What work package contains procedures for testing a laser guided bomb computer control group? WP 080 00
What tester is the TTU-595 designed to replace for field testing all laser guided bomb computer control groups? Digital test set TTU-373
What hazard is present when operating the TTU-595? invisible laser radiation
What bomb warhead is used with the GBU-15 V 1/B and GBU15 V 2/B? MK84
What fuze is used with the GBU 15 V 33/B and GBU 15 V 34/B FMU-143/B
What module of the GBU-15 contains the optical dome, TV camera, video processor, stabilized platform, automatic tracker, and power supply? Target detecting Device (TDD)
What air foil grups (AFG) can the guided-bomb unit (GBU)-15 use? MXU-724/B, MXU-724A/B, MXU-787/B, and the MXU-787B/B
The purpose of the guided-bomb unit (GBU)-15 control unit is to... Steer the weapon during flight
What type of guidance system does the (AGM)-130A-1 use? Television
What test system do we use to check the(GBU)-15 and the (AGM)-130? AN/GJM-64
Which test set comes in six portable containers and is used on the flightline to check laser-guided bombs ? AN/GHM-65
Tye typical Joint Direct Attack Munition tail assembly consists of a tail fairing/structure, wire harness assembly, Guidance Control Unit... Note:Tail Actuator Subsystem can be abbr. TAS Joint Direct Attack Munition can be abbr. JDAM GPS antenna, three moveable control fins, and one fixed fin
Which statement is NOT a benefit of off-axis delivery of the JDAM? Provides increased weapons range
What JDAM guidance set components provide lift and maneuverability? Aerosurfaces
Which GBU uses a 2,000lb warhead? GBU-31
Which GBUdecreases the likelihood of collateral damage? GBU-38
Which Laser Joint Direct Attack Munition uses the Low-Collateral Damage Bomb for its warhead? Note: Laser Joint Direct Attack Munition can be abbr. LJDAM Low-Collateral Damage Bomb can be abbr. LoCo GBU-38 V 4
What variant of the GBU-39 is named the Focused Lethality Munition? Note: Focused Lethality Munition can be abbr. FLM GBU-39A/B
Which GBU-39 uses a warhead manufactured as an advance penetrator in a high strength steel case? GBU-39/B
The GBU-39 FLM contains 137 pounds of a multi-phase blast explosive Note: multi-phase blast explosive can be abbr. MBX
What select able height of burst does the GBU39 detonate? Note: Height of burst can be abbr. HOB 7 Or 14 feet
How many GBU-39s can the CNU-660/E container hold? 4
The loaded BRU-61 carriage system controls all of the following EXCEPT Weapon release on the aircraft command
When you receive the GBU-39 back from the flightline unopened, what must you perform?
Which test set is called the commons munitions built-in test/reprogramming equipment? Note:commons munitions built-in test/reprogramming equipment can be abbr. CMBRE
Which CMBRE component initiates the BIT, get systems, munitions status reprograms munitions OFP, loads mission planning, & GPS crypto keys? Test adapter unit
What component of the CMBRE is considered the ruggedized computer? Digital computer system assembly
What additional capability does the scene magnification upgrade provide to the AGM-65B missile?
What type of guidance system does the AGM-65D missile employ? Imaging infrared Note: Imaging infrared can be abbr. IIR
Which AGM-65 series does NOT use the 125-pound cone-shaped warhead? G
In the direct current battery mode, from what source of power does the AN/DSM-129 missile set operate? It's own batteries
You can use the AN/DSM-157 test set in place of the... DSM-99 & DSM-100
What type of target is the AGM-88 designed to destroy? Radar installation
The AGM-88 rocket motor consists of the solid propellant, igniter, safe and arm switch, and... Note: safe and arm can be abbr. S&A Connector
What is the effective range of the AGM-88? 30 Miles
Which test set do we use to operationally test the AGM-88 high-speed anti-radiation missile? Note: high-speed anti-radiation missile can be abbr. HARM AN/GSM-396
What is the USAF's delivery platform for the AGM-114 Hellfire missile? Predator/Reaper Remotely Piloted Aircraft Note:Remotely Piloted Aircraft can be abbr. RAF
How many personnel are required to handle an AGM-114 outside the container? One
What is the warhead class used on the AGM-158?
What is NOT a characteristic of the AGM-160? Uses an advance warhead
How many waypoints can the AGM-160 navigate? 100
How many pound of pull force on the lanyard linkage will start the ignition sequence of the AGM-160? 17
The explosive bolt on the AGM-160 will jettison the stability device with a force of how many pounds? 250-500
What type of missile guidance system does the AIM-9X use? Passive infrared
What provide AIM-9X flight control? Fin actuator unit Note: Fin actuator unit can be abbr. FAU
How does the AIM-9X digitally communicate with the launching aircraft? Mid-body umbilical connector
What test set performs the AIM-9X BIT Test? AN/GYQ-79
Hardware and software
What is the explosive weight in pounds of the AIM-120 warhead? 15
What prevents the AIM-120 rocket motor from becoming propulsive? Thermally initiated venting system Note: Thermally initiated venting system can be abbr. TIVS
What three signals of the AIM-120 control section electronics are received from the guidance section? Pitch, roll, & yaw
Created by: sedrho
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