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Anatomy Session 2

Endocrine, Nervous, Eye, & Auditory System Terminology

Hemiparesis Paralysis on one side of the body
Neuritis Inflammation of nerve
Radiculitis Inflammation of the spinal nerve roots
Hyperthyroidism Excessive secretion of the thyroid gland
Hypothyroidism Deficient secretions of the thyroid gland
Insulin Hormone secreted in the pancreas that regulates the energy and glucose metabolism. Also use in management of diabetess
Myelitis Inflammation of the spinal cord
Epidural Pertaining to above or on top of the dura mater
Cerebrospinal Pertaining to the brain and spinal cord
Endocrinologist A physician who specializes in disease of endocrine system
Psychosis Abnormal condition of the mind
Disectomy Surgical excision of the intervertebral disc
Dysphasia Impairment of speech
Intracranial Within the skull
Glandular Pertaining to the gland
Paratyroid Gland located behind the thyroid gland
Neurolysis Destruction of nerve tissue or lysis (breaking up) perineal adhesions
Quadriplegia Paralysis of all four extremities
Cephalalgia Headache
Ataxia Loss of muscular coordination
Blepharitis Inflammation of the edges of the eyelids
Conjunctiva A thin layer lining the eyelid and covering the sclera
Cataract Flaws or clouds that develop in the crystalline lens
Enucleation Removal of a suture such as the eyeball
Diplopia Double vision
Lacrimal Tears
Otitis Media Middle Ear Infection
Vertigo Dizziness resulting in the loss of balance
Eustachian Tube A tube in the ear linking the middle ear to the nasopharynx. This tube equalizes pressure between the middle ear and the outer world
Cerumen Earwax
Nystagmus Reflexive jerky eye movements as a response to the messages of the inner ear
Created by: BBracha