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Fuels Vol. 3 Unit 1

Type I Hydrant System

What control panels on the Type I system are important to you? (401) Pump control panel and pump selector panel.
What panel is not found on the Type I system that is found in the other hydrant system and storage area pumphouses? (401) A defuel pump control panel.
What causes a pump control panel circuit breaker to trip? (401) When a short circuit occurs in the associated pump motor circuit or when the incoming power lines are overloaded.
What does the graphic display on the Type III pump control panel show? (401) A single line mechanical diagram of the Type III system.
What is key to your day-to-day maintenance activities? (402) Being able to trace the fuel system piping and locate the components in the system.
When troubleshooting a fuel system, you find the pump running with no fuel being delivered. What is your first stop in diagnosing the problem? (402) Your first stop is the as-built (mechanical) drawing located on the wall of every fueling facility.
What is found in the lower right hand corner of mechanical drawings? (402) The standard design drawing code and specification number.
What positions are on the pump control switch? (401) HAND/OFF/AUTO
The pressure/flow recorder indicates which of the following? (401) System pressure and issue/return flow rates
Most emergency service calls involve (402) no fuel delivery
How many hydrant outlets are served by each Panero pit? (403) 1
The modified Panero system has 7 tanks. How many are used for refueling aircraft? (403) 6
What was removed and replaced in the hydrant pit and is now used on the hose cart? (403) a new filter and meter
What, in the Type I filter/meter pit, was put in the defueling line to keep the entire line and meter from draining? (403) a "U" bend
How many hydrant outlets are normally on each 302AF valve? (403) one
Which automatic valve is located in the pit? (403) 302AF, fueling/defueling valve
What component aids in opening the 302AF valve? (404) ejector strainer
What prevents leakage around the 302AF valve ejector strainer’s primary jet? (404) O-ring
During refueling, which component controls downstream pressure of the main valve? (404) Pressure-reducing control (or CRD) valve
When operating normally, what part on the 302AF fueling/defueling valve restricts the flow of fuel in the control tubing and will not close? (404) Pressure-reducing control valve
On the CRD, what indicates a damaged diaphragm? (404) Fuel leakage from the vent port.
How many pressure-relief controls (CRLs) are on the 302AF valve and what are they called? (404) Two, the Loading and Unloading Pressure Relief CRL.
Which CRL applies pressure to the top of the refueling cover chamber of the 302AF? (404) The loading CRL.
What happens to the defueling side of the 302AF when the 4-port solenoid is deenergized? (404) Does the opposite and opens.
What positions are the 302AF refueling and defueling valves normally spring-loaded? (404) The refueling side is normally spring-loaded closed and the defueling side is normally spring-loaded open.
What component vents the cover chamber pressure of the hytrol valve to the defueling line? (404) the solenoid
What component restricts flow through the ejector strainer and what impact does it have on the refueling side of the main valve? (404) The CRD, through modulation, causes the refueling side’s main valve to eventually provide constant downstream pressure
Explain what happens if the downstream pressure builds to 10 psi above normal operating pressure (NOP). (404) The unloading pressure-relief opens and relieves pressure on the defueling side; the defueling side opens and relieves pressure into the defuel line.
What happens at the 302AF valve when an excess flow condition exists? (404) The excess flow creates low-pressure at the orifice plate, tripping the CDHS–3 and closing the refueling valve.
Which component on the 302AF valve must regulate the opening speed of the fuel valve and why is the component necessary? (404) The CV flow control and it is important because it keeps the CDHS–3 from inadvertently tripping.
How does the 302AF refueling and defueling valve operate during defueling? (404) The solenoid is deenergized during defueling and the line 1 common supply becomes part of line 3’s common supply and closes the hytrol valve.
A damaged diaphragm on the pressure reducing control is indicated by (404) fuel leaking from the vent port
What component closes the main valve of the 302AF fueling/defueling valve when there is excess flow at the hydrant outlet? (404) CDHS-3
The primary purpose of the orifice plate on the 302AF fueling and defueling valve is to create differential (404) pressure to operate the CDHS-3
During refueling, which 302AF fueling and defueling valve component holds the defuel side of the main valve inlet closed? (404) solenoid
Created by: Scottydick
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